Boeing 777 as Paper



The Boeing 777 was in production when I was just getting into engineering, and aerospace, and things like that.  So naturally, I was fascinated with the plane, and read about it and stuff as much as I could (this was before the internet existed in a easy to use fashion).  However, I never obsessed over it like Luca Iaconi-Stewart did.  He recreated a complete 1:60 scale model of the plane.  And by complete I mean seats, over-head bins, cargo hold, curtains separating First and regular class.  Did I mention he used manila folders and glue?


Yea, he did.

The whole thing has taken 5 years of his life, and he dropped out of school to finish it.  This is dedication on an insane level.

inside cabon

Here’s a (7 minute) timelapse of some of the process, which is crazy.

You really need to look through his flickr stream, the level of detail is insane to think about, but to actually see is something else.  The next crazy thing to think of is that something 60 times larger then this and just as complicated flies at > 500 mph all the time.


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