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DIY Glue Gun

Ben Heck has tackled one of the more annoying aspects of simple DIY projects – glue guns.

It’s a two part episode clocking in at about 30 minutes, but worth the watch because it give you insight as to things you’d never think about when you think about making an automated glue gun.  I’d probably try to make it, or buy it just for the anti-dripping feature of it alone.  That’s super annoying.

As for the trigger extrusion method, I like it at first, but I think it would end up using more glue then you’d want to in the end easily that is.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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There are 718 of them?!

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

You might not have realized it, but in the 18 (yes, that’s probably more of a shock to you), but there are now 718 individual Pokemon.  And if you account for certain different forms of some species, and then the whole shiny vs. normal color scheme you quickly get into the thousands.  In all that time, the Poke-rap has more or less sat untouched since the 4th generation.  Well, the good people at College Humor remedied that for us.  By telling us what all 718 of them are called.  I’m more interested in learning how some of these names are pronounced (or tried to pronounced)  There are some gen 1 guys in there that are clearly said wrong.


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Boeing 777 as Paper


The Boeing 777 was in production when I was just getting into engineering, and aerospace, and things like that.  So naturally, I was fascinated with the plane, and read about it and stuff as much as I could (this was before the internet existed in a easy to use fashion).  However, I never obsessed over it like Luca Iaconi-Stewart did.  He recreated a complete 1:60 scale model of the plane.  And by complete I mean seats, over-head bins, cargo hold, curtains separating First and regular class.  Did I mention he used manila folders and glue?


Yea, he did.

The whole thing has taken 5 years of his life, and he dropped out of school to finish it.  This is dedication on an insane level.

inside cabon

Here’s a (7 minute) timelapse of some of the process, which is crazy.

You really need to look through his flickr stream, the level of detail is insane to think about, but to actually see is something else.  The next crazy thing to think of is that something 60 times larger then this and just as complicated flies at > 500 mph all the time.



Edge Art

This brings a new meaning to book codes.  In fact, I think that this would be a good way to hide some passwords and stuff.  Cheap ones aren’t even that hard to make, you could do it yourself.  The harder part would be making them look like they’re supposed to be on the edges of your books.

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Alternate History Thursday – Television

For those of you who don’t know the above show is Person Of Interest, one of the best shows currently on television, you should watch it.  However, the above is not the official opening credits.  It’s a redone version with an 80s vibe to it.

Or is it a crossover from our other timeline?

I think it’s the latter.

Remember in our alternate timeline, things are not what they seem to us, especially Communist America.

There’s also a Friends version of the credits, but that just doesn’t vibe well to me:

Especially in our alternate timeline, it just doesn’t fit.  No one is friends in Communist America, unless you’re a friend of a communist? And who would admit that?


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This idea is ingenious.  It might be alittle difficult to clean, but it is ingenious.  As the bright minds on reddit have pointed out (because someone is wrong on the internet), this is actually a Duplo wall.  But, since Duplo is a subset of LEGO, and, in the end, regular sized LEGO bricks can be attached to Duplo bricks, it’s all technically correct, (the best kind of correct).

I gotta say, if these were attached to the walls correctly, this could be pretty easy to make, only cleaning it would be hard, but if they could come down easily, then just put them in the bathtub.

The only thing is that from this photo, it looks like a parent has been helping, since that window is pretty high.

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This is alot of Dominoes

The thing I think I like the best about this video is the sound.  Just all those dominoes falling at once is so loud.  I like the Coub version of the video cause it just gets to the best part, and then loops it forward and backward forever.

However, the source video is not bad, cause it shows how the whole thing was built:

And then includes the fun part, and then the clean up, and the inevitable fails that happened in the process.


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The Cardboard Pearl

Cardboard Pearl 1

Over the course of 5 days, a full sized Cardboard Pirate Ship was built.  Complete with a pretty good looking decorative figurehead.


Trolling the mean streets of San Francisco, the team of artists collected all the cardboard they could find, which if you just open your eyes, is not really hard to do when you realize just how much cardboard is used (thrown out) on a daily basis.

It’s not so much the amount of Cardboard used, but the fact that they did it in 3 days.  Clearly this is probably not a sea worthy ship then.  I mean, there’s probably no deck, or sleeping quarters, or guns, or rum.  Impressive though, most impressive.


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Young & Old


I really like this idea of portraits.  Instead of trying to recreate old portraits when you were a kid, Chino Otsuka has gone for a different theme.  She’s gone to the same locations, (presumably), and taken new photos of her as an adult, then digitally inserted herself into the old original photographs of her as a child.


This is a really unique and compelling way to see change over time, I like it.


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Air Speed Velocity

The African Tigerfish, a real menacing looking fish,

Tiger Fish

knows the answer to the fabled question, and for the first time ever, has been caught on video leaping out of the water and gobbling the fast Migrant African Swallow.