Cliff Diving


Cliff Diving is nothing more then amature diving, except in nature, and more dangerous than an Olympic pool.  That is way it’s so much more fun.  Well, that and the great editing and music of the above video.  In general, I find the Summer Olympics to be boring to watch, even the highlights are boring. … Continued

How much water can a House Hold?


Turns out, alot.  This may be some of the most egregious waste of water I’ve ever seen.  But damn is it not enjoyable to watch.  I wish there were some stats associated with it, that would be even more ace, but this is still pretty chill.  Please, don’t try this at home, or in California.

Cursor Game

0 is a unique interactive browser game.  You play alone for the first few levels, but eventually you will need to employ the help of peers to get you through.  There are certain gates that need to be activated in order to pass.  That means that one person, or many people, need to sacrifice themselves … Continued

WRX vs. Stick Bomb

0 I’ve heard of stick bombs before, I’ve seen gifs of them and I know the theory of why they work, but damn this is impressive.  The model R/C car above holds it’s own against the sticks, but it’s hard to really tell, it being a model and all.  I wonder how many takes they … Continued

What are your Particular Set of Skills?


Liam Neeson, in the character of Brian Mills from the film Taken, will record a video of himself endorsing your particular set of skills, from your own LinkedIn profile.  It’s a pretty neat contest, if one that has no real prize, or entrance whatsoever.  Seriously, all you have to do is follow the instructions here:, … Continued

DIY Fountain Lights


The Fountains of Bellagio are world renowned.  In fact they are probably the one item at Las Vegas that everyone who goes there sees.  Weahter it’s by accident or on purpose, it’s hard to miss them.  I’ve spent much of a summer’s afternoon in front of them watching the different displays, and songs that they … Continued

Would You like some Fries?


Because in case you weren’t aware, they are done. There’s not much else left to say here, just watch it, you know you want to.

Stumble Apocalypse


This will end up being the last Stumble post of the year.  I used to have one a month, but sadly, Stumbleupon isn’t what it used to be, and isn’t something that I stay up all night doing anymore.  Many of these pictures come from Imgur, and Reddit now, but I still mix in some … Continued

Alternate History Thursday: Pearl Harbor


Did you honestly think that I would forget this day?  Honestly?  Come on now, don’t be silly. There’s not much to say regarding this event in our alternate timeline.  Well, there is one major difference, the attack wasn’t on America, it was by America, on the peaceful nation of New Zealand.  New Zealand, being allied … Continued

Home Alone Kill Count


Just how many times would Harry & Marv have died in the Home Alone movies?  Well, according to Screen Junkies, Harry would have died 9 times, and Marv 14.  I don’t know if I fully agree with some of their conclusions.  It seems they always went for the worst possible outcome there.  But I guess … Continued