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Alternate History Thursday – The New Age

Time is something that only humans notice and keep track of.  This was true in our alternate history timeline, until the advent of July, 1947 that is.  That’s when the humans discovered that there were other beings out there, that knew about time, and more importantly, knew how to manipulate it.  Yes, those exceptional beings taught the humans alot in 100 years of our time, but in reality was 1,000’s of years of information all balled up for easy consumption.

Today you are going to hear about the story of New Years Eve, 2221.  The dawn of a new age, when all the numbers are the same.  For one glorious year, (437 days), the year would be 2222.  You know how humans get with their numbers, the only thing they seem to like better are cats.  But don’t let them hear you say that.  Anyway, this was a standard new year’s eve, nothing too special going on (except the year it was turning into that is).  Not much has changed with humans in the last 200 years either, they’re still superstitious, and still got people predicting the end of the world every few dozen years.

This time though, those damn commies had successfully completed the first test of the new trans-dimensional space-time traversing device (TDS), recovered from the crash of 1947.  It only took 300 years, and countless calls home on the IRD, but they finally got something working.  The damn commies decided to do the test run on their device at midnight on New Year’s eve, (because in this reality, there is no such thing as science-fiction, or irony).

As can be expected, a portal was opened.  But not to the home world of the Centari, no, somewhere else.  One of the elder Centari who could trace his lineage back 1,000 generations was able to identify the world that was opened up.  But they did not believe it.  It was an ancient world, that was told in stories, never known to actually exist, but there it was.  Those damn commies had opened the gates to a spirit realm.

Just as what happened to the Echoguisaans, the same happened to those damn commies.  Because of the secretive nature of Communist America, the rest of the free world didn’t know much about it.  They went on with their new year like nothing happened.  Also, because of those secrets, the rest of the free world didn’t know of the existence of the Centari, or of time travel, or any of the wonderful deadly things that come of it all.

The Year 2222 will go down in history as the end of the Communist Empire.  Nearly 300 years old, it was one of the foundations of the Earthen Order, but it didn’t matter, the Spirits started a civil war, and all the commie people escaped to the realms provided by the portals.  It Commie High Command accused the Centari of plotting the whole thing from the beginning, but it was no use.  Once that portal is open, there is no turning back.  The world silently watched as Communist America dissolved into empty land, where the Deer and the Buffalo roamed once again.

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