New Spin on Old School Globes


When you think of a Globe, you probably remember a peeling wobbly globe from elementary school that still had The U.S.S.R. defined on it’s map.  That was fine for simple schooling, and learning about the earth and the countries, but it’s not something that you could use for serious.  Not in any sense of the word.

Peter Bellerby has come up with his own company to make better globes:

Churchil Globe


They are totally better globes.  Hand made over the course of weeks, each one is unique.  He makes traditional standing globes, mini desk globes, or the monster Churchill Globe pictured above.  I’m not sure I would drop $40,000+ on a globe, no matter how cool and unique it is, that’s just too rich for my blood.  Even the smaller, mini desk globes are pretty expensive, beautiful, but expensive.

Sure Hammacher Schlemmer has a $13,000 globe, but I’m not sold on it’s quality (even though it is hand made right here in America), something about it doesn’t seem as elegant as the ones Bellerby has for sale.

{UK Hand Made}

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