Geometry Wars – In Browser!


After Halo 3, Geometry Wars holds the title for most time played on my Xbox 360.  Yes, even after Halo Reach, and Halo 4, and even Geometry Wars 2, Geometry Wars still reigns supreme as one of the best games for the 360.

It’s one of the few games, (along with Tetris and RCT), to prominently be featured on this blog.  I’ve searched long and hard for other ways to play this game.  I’ve ended up nowhere.  The game was meant to be played on a dual stick controller.

Well, reddit user comicallywhite and his classmates have built a fairly close replica of this great game using the magic of JavaScript.

Geometry Wars

Yes, it’s alittle primitive, but for a school project, I’d say it’s pretty damn impressive.  It has a good selection of enemies, and the gun gets upgraded.  The one thing that takes some getting used to is the change from a joy stick to the keyboard & mouse.  The game just doesn’t translate well to that medium.  But that’s not their fault.

All in all I’d say this is a fairly well made game, and you should drop what you’re doing and

Play This.

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