The United States of LEGO



Jeff Friesen decided to depict what he considers a scene from each of the 50 States of America.  Although, I have to say, some of them are pretty lame, like New Mexico, I like the Roswell reference, but come on, that’s not much LEGOs there is it?

South Dakota is alittle better then NM.  I do like the full depictions of the Presidents, instead of just the heads, that’s something people don’t realize.   Also, you should go see my pictures of Mount Rushmore.  They are impressive.

South Dakota


All 50 great states are represented, and you can even buy 8×10 prints of them.  I was kinda sad when I saw they were prints, I’d much rather buy each LEGO set, that’d be a cool keepsake of each state.  Little different then the key chains, or shot glasses, or spoons, that people usually collect.


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