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What a year has it been.  Earlier last year we were in a sad place, a handful of posts a month, maybe a post a week.  It was dark times.  I made it a goal to get double digit post counts each month, and to average 10 posts a month for this year.  I have succeed, and all is good.

Just in the last few weeks of the year, we’ve had a few major milestones, including 2 (two), Wounderful weeks (minimum of one post a day, each day of the week (Monday – Friday)). I’ve also achieved the Center Year Status (100 posts a year).  There’s still a few other achievements to get including:

  • Wicked Wounderful Week (Post a day Sunday – Saturday)
  • Manic Month (Post a day for an entire month)
  • Double Center Year
  • Tripple Center Year
  • Insane Year (365 posts in a year)
  • Double Insane Year (730 posts in a year)

We got some ladders to climb, but I think it’s doable.  My goal for this year is to get at least 180 posts, with maybe even a Wounderful Week a month, that would be ace.  Probably won’t end up happening though, cause those tend to be crazy weeks.

Anyway, 2013 is over, and 2014 is upon us.  One thing I will promise is a few more DIY posts, and much more of our Alternate History timeline.  Yes I ended the reign of the Commie Americans, but that’s the beauty of an alternate reality, there’s never an end.

Goodby 2013, welcome 2014, May the Force be With you.


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Alternate History Thursday – The New Age

Time is something that only humans notice and keep track of.  This was true in our alternate history timeline, until the advent of July, 1947 that is.  That’s when the humans discovered that there were other beings out there, that knew about time, and more importantly, knew how to manipulate it.  Yes, those exceptional beings taught the humans alot in 100 years of our time, but in reality was 1,000’s of years of information all balled up for easy consumption.

Today you are going to hear about the story of New Years Eve, 2221.  The dawn of a new age, when all the numbers are the same.  For one glorious year, (437 days), the year would be 2222.  You know how humans get with their numbers, the only thing they seem to like better are cats.  But don’t let them hear you say that.  Anyway, this was a standard new year’s eve, nothing too special going on (except the year it was turning into that is).  Not much has changed with humans in the last 200 years either, they’re still superstitious, and still got people predicting the end of the world every few dozen years.

This time though, those damn commies had successfully completed the first test of the new trans-dimensional space-time traversing device (TDS), recovered from the crash of 1947.  It only took 300 years, and countless calls home on the IRD, but they finally got something working.  The damn commies decided to do the test run on their device at midnight on New Year’s eve, (because in this reality, there is no such thing as science-fiction, or irony).

As can be expected, a portal was opened.  But not to the home world of the Centari, no, somewhere else.  One of the elder Centari who could trace his lineage back 1,000 generations was able to identify the world that was opened up.  But they did not believe it.  It was an ancient world, that was told in stories, never known to actually exist, but there it was.  Those damn commies had opened the gates to a spirit realm.

Just as what happened to the Echoguisaans, the same happened to those damn commies.  Because of the secretive nature of Communist America, the rest of the free world didn’t know much about it.  They went on with their new year like nothing happened.  Also, because of those secrets, the rest of the free world didn’t know of the existence of the Centari, or of time travel, or any of the wonderful deadly things that come of it all.

The Year 2222 will go down in history as the end of the Communist Empire.  Nearly 300 years old, it was one of the foundations of the Earthen Order, but it didn’t matter, the Spirits started a civil war, and all the commie people escaped to the realms provided by the portals.  It Commie High Command accused the Centari of plotting the whole thing from the beginning, but it was no use.  Once that portal is open, there is no turning back.  The world silently watched as Communist America dissolved into empty land, where the Deer and the Buffalo roamed once again.

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Chatrolutte Still?

The only thing I have to say about this is that people still use chatroulette?  Really?  Anyway, Steve Kardynal is still at it trolling the users of the internet with his take on (mostly) shitty pop songs.  He makes them worth listening to.

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New Spin on Old School Globes

When you think of a Globe, you probably remember a peeling wobbly globe from elementary school that still had The U.S.S.R. defined on it’s map.  That was fine for simple schooling, and learning about the earth and the countries, but it’s not something that you could use for serious.  Not in any sense of the word.

Peter Bellerby has come up with his own company to make better globes:

Churchil Globe


They are totally better globes.  Hand made over the course of weeks, each one is unique.  He makes traditional standing globes, mini desk globes, or the monster Churchill Globe pictured above.  I’m not sure I would drop $40,000+ on a globe, no matter how cool and unique it is, that’s just too rich for my blood.  Even the smaller, mini desk globes are pretty expensive, beautiful, but expensive.

Sure Hammacher Schlemmer has a $13,000 globe, but I’m not sold on it’s quality (even though it is hand made right here in America), something about it doesn’t seem as elegant as the ones Bellerby has for sale.

{UK Hand Made}

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Eagle Cam

No matter how much money you have, and how far in advance you plan, videos like this are just 1 in a million.

A Go Pro camera set up to watch some boring Crocodiles caught the eye of a curious eagle.  Who proceed to take it for a spin to and try and eat it.  Turns out it wasn’t very good.

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Geometry Wars – In Browser!

After Halo 3, Geometry Wars holds the title for most time played on my Xbox 360.  Yes, even after Halo Reach, and Halo 4, and even Geometry Wars 2, Geometry Wars still reigns supreme as one of the best games for the 360.

It’s one of the few games, (along with Tetris and RCT), to prominently be featured on this blog.  I’ve searched long and hard for other ways to play this game.  I’ve ended up nowhere.  The game was meant to be played on a dual stick controller.

Well, reddit user comicallywhite and his classmates have built a fairly close replica of this great game using the magic of JavaScript.

Geometry Wars

Yes, it’s alittle primitive, but for a school project, I’d say it’s pretty damn impressive.  It has a good selection of enemies, and the gun gets upgraded.  The one thing that takes some getting used to is the change from a joy stick to the keyboard & mouse.  The game just doesn’t translate well to that medium.  But that’s not their fault.

All in all I’d say this is a fairly well made game, and you should drop what you’re doing and

Play This.

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It’s that Time of Year Again

You didn’t think you’d get through this year without this beautiful tradition would you?  Well if you did, you were dead wrong. This tradition goes all the way back to the beginning. Although, back then it was posted in an off month, probably cause that’s when I stumbled to it.  But since then, it’s moved to it’s traditional pre-Christmas – December showing.  Yes, it is one of the most annoying and easily stuck in your head songs, but it’s worth it.  If only for Tradition’s sake.

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This is truly a mesmerizing site.  You don’t need to be a math enthusiast, or a lover of fractals, or a web developer to appreciate this.  This site takes you through the numbers 1 – 10,000 and shows them at the most basic roots.  With special design given to the PRIMES.

I love it.

prime 43


The show really gets started when it hits the 100s.  Luckily for you, there’s a fast forward button on the bottom where you can speed it up.  I didn’t realize this until it hit the end.

When it gets high into the 100s, and then the 1,000s though, the groups are very very small, (unless you have a retina screen I guess that is), and it’s hard to see, but it’s still mesmerizing, in fact, more so I’d say at that level.

the max

{reddit|Data Pointed}

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LED Log Things



This is a pretty ingenious way to use unusable pieces of wood.  Be it splits, or cracks, or just mishappen pieces that you can’t mill.  Instead of burning them (which is what I would do), Italian designer Marco Stefanelli decided to fill the voids with resin that has LEDs encased in them.  I gotta say, that’s nice.  Especially the soft white color, instead of the cool-blue white of normal white LEDs.

I have a few pieces of wood that I was drying that cracked pretty bad.  I think I’m going to try this on them.

wood lamp 2

{This is Collossal}

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Pearl Harbor…

Today is one of 2 guaranteed days to get a post, the other being April 20th.  Over the years I’ve done many different themes, this year I’m going to keep it simple.  I’ve told you the history of events, and the alternate history of events.  No need for that, let’s keep it simple.

Remember that ship that’s resting at the bottom of the sea, and the countless men who died on that day.