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Insane Waterslide



The above is a photograph of the currently in progress construction of VERRUCK, which is German for MEG-A-BLASTER, soon to be the worlds tallest water slide.  I gotta say, that is insane.

Ridiculously crazy suicidally insane.

It’s hard to tell from the above photo, but this is a raft ride.  So that’s somewhat better in that you won’t be dropping down 130+ feet with just a thin stream of water between your and miles of hard plastic.  Still, it’s a 4 person raft, which means it just takes one ass-whole to rock the raft, and cause that 5 seconds to feel like forever.

It’s also hard to tell from the photo, but there is a second drop on this slide too.  That is concerning.  I’d feel much better if they covered the top of that with a tube of some sorts.

The actual final height is still classified, because the park where it’s located, Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, wants to keep it under wraps until it’s finished in order to keep the crown for longer, reminds me of the skyscraper building contests of the turn of the century.  Anyway, the current tallest is at 134.5 feet tall in Brazil, Schlitterbahn says this one will be taller.

Here’s a blueprint of it with from the side to get a better idea:


So, question now is, would you go down this?

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