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Insane Microwave Science

Some of you might remember that we here at Deadly Computer first got our start doing some strange Microwave experiments.  We did that for a few years, and had ammassed quite a following at our peak, nothing by today’s YouTube sensation standards, but enough for our small little website that could.

Anyway, we may have been crazy college kids, but we were never suicidal.

It’s pretty risky taking apart a microwave and using the magnetron naked like that, pretty risky as in blind, sterile, and dead risky.

I haven’t watched the rest of his videos, but this video is pretty boring, mostly because he decided to leave the casing on.  That hides all the sparks and fun things, which makes the video boring.  The TV at the end was pretty good though, and the antenna glowing bright red like that was awesome.  Again though, if he had taken the TV apart it would have been a better show, I guarantee it.

{Hacked Gadgets}

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