Alternate History Thursday – TIME


In this reality, today is 11/12/13, that’s a pretty sequential day if you think about it, and you’re a regular crazy human.

In our alternate reality, today is just like any other day, a “Thursday.”  Days of the week have no meanings anymore, but some of the old remaining pure humans still use the traditional day terms.  The month names have disappeared completely.  The years aren’t even easy to figure out so far underground either.  Best guess by the pures is it’s 7737.  But it could be 17737 for all we know, or care.

The pures are slowly dying out, persecuted for generations, and forced closer and closer to the surface, they are in danger of loosing their pure status.  But it doesn’t seem to phase them.  They claim they are evolving, and prefer to go by “Darwinains,” after an ancient scientist that lived on the surface, as opposed to the derogatory “pures.” The rest of us just call them pures when we see them, which is not often.

Hopefully they’ll be gone soon.

Pures. Gone. Soon.  Those three words together have a scary meaning.  It means us as a species has finally left this planet.  After ages of trying, and wars, and invasions, humanity has finally left this planet.

I don’t know how long ago (no one except maybe the oldest of the pures knows for sure), we were forced underground after the Kssim invaded and began to colonize the surface.  Over time the Kssim began inter breed, and perform genetic experiments on humanity, creating an advanced race.  The Kssim-human hybrids slowly spread and now, like I said before, there are only a few pure humans left under this world.

But they’re quiet.

In all the lives of all my ancestors for as long as we can remember (which to be honest, isn’t very good, the Kssim are very forgetful), the pures have never been this quiet.  They haven’t bothered anyone, or started a riot, or abducted any of us.  It’s concerning.  Some claim that they’ve finally died out, but I know for a fact that that’s not true, as I’ve seen them myself.

I don’t know what to expect, but I am getting scared.  In my lifetime we have not heard from the Kssim above ground.  That is a first.  This could mean anything, but I fear it means that the pures have retaken the surface.

I hope that that is not true, for the world as we know it could change drastically if it is.

I’ve spent too much time looking for them lately, I should make my way home, but I need to know.  I need to know where they went, why they went, and if they’re going to come back.  I’ve found all sorts of pure artifacts, including many books.  If only I could read pure.  Not that it would do any good, as there’s about a dozen different pure languages, and I’d need to know at least half of them in order to have any chance of understanding what’s going on.  Very few of us are that learned.

There are pictures though.

It’s hard to tell what they are of, but it looks like the surface.  And Kssim.  I know what Kssim look like, and there are lots of them in the pictures.  But they don’t look alive.  And that concerns me.

I’m going to keep going now, maybe I’ll find something else, or someone else who knows what’s going on.


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