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Wisdom from Cmdr. Riker


If you ever need to be cheered up, or need a quote to get you something, take a quick trip and Scroll Down to Riker, you won’t be disappointed.  Just scroll up and down and get some out of context quotes from Bearded Riker, with his great smile.

For those of you who don’t know, Commander William Riker was a main character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It’s on Netflix, go watch it.


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As Comet ISON makes its way around the sun, take today to be Thankful for the universe, and the astronomical odds that you would be alive at this very moment, reading this very thing.  Pretty crazy huh?

If that doesn’t make you feel small, take alook at this interactive star map:



Drag it around, zoom in and out, make the stars brighter and dimmer, be amazed that you can see stars from 200 light years away, and how bright they are, which means they must be gigantic.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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Paper Airplanes


If you ever wanted to build the most complicated paper airplane in existence, you should check out this Exotic Paper Airplane Gallery.  This 54 step impossible plane is the one I stumbled to and tried, and failed to make.  Granted, it is listed as the most difficult one to make on the site, but I still tried to make it.

I starting having problems around step 23, and by step 32 I was completely lost.  I skipped ahead a bit, and I have no idea how getting folds like that is even possible.  I’ll stick to my regular paper airplanes for the time being, at least until i practice some more.

I do like the Aero Spike:

Aero Spike

But it too is rather difficult to make. I need to practice.


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Comet ISON

It’s not very well known around these parts, but I am somewhat of an amateur astronomer.  I have a few telescopes, (and one camera lens that might as well be a telescope), and have spent many an hour outside gazing at the stars.

All of the National Parks I go to I try and stay out to get a night shot in the darkness, sometimes they come out amazing:

Full Dark
The Badlands under a Full Moon

So, it should be known that in the coming days there is a chance to see something truly unique, a comet that so far has lived up to its hype.

Comet ISON, was discovered over a year ago and is making it’s first (and probably only) trip into our solar system.  The ~2 mile wide body of rock and ice will get to around 700,000 miles away from the Sun’s surface, at which point no one knows what will happen to it.  The comet is so small, and it’s getting so close that it could evaporate, disintegrate, or continue on like a boss.

It’s currently on it’s way to the sun, and will get there Nov. 28, 2013, if it survives, it could become amazing.  But you don’t need to wait till next week to go see it, you can see it now.  It’s even a naked eye object if you have sufficiently dark skies.  If not, a simple pair of binoculors, and the knowing where to look is all you need.  Oh, and you have to get up at around 4:30am.

Sky And Telescope has a handy guide to show you where & when to look for when it passes the sun (starting Dec. 01, 2013):

Comet ISON

Damian Peach has managed to capture what I consider to be one of the most beautiful space photos I have ever seen of this comet earlier this week:

Unless you have a serious telescope, and you know how to use it, don’t expect to see something like that.

Anyway, you should go outside and look for this comet.

I tried the other day, but clouds were in the way. But I’ll keep trying this is a once in a forever chance.


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Type Paintings


What can you do with an old typewriter?  Well, besides teach yourself to type better, faster, stronger, you could convert it into a psychedelic art work generator.  That’s just what Washington based artist Tyree Callahan did.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any actual paintings with it, or, if you did, it would take a very long time, because after each key press, you’d have to reapply the paint to the key.

But, seeing as this is a concept, I can see some modifications being made to it, and some changes, and updates and eventually, after a successfully funded Kickstarter, a working version.

type writer 2


Anyway, I like the idea, but it’s more of an art piece, then an art making piece if you ask me.

{creative bloq}


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Insane Waterslide



The above is a photograph of the currently in progress construction of VERRUCK, which is German for MEG-A-BLASTER, soon to be the worlds tallest water slide.  I gotta say, that is insane.

Ridiculously crazy suicidally insane.

It’s hard to tell from the above photo, but this is a raft ride.  So that’s somewhat better in that you won’t be dropping down 130+ feet with just a thin stream of water between your and miles of hard plastic.  Still, it’s a 4 person raft, which means it just takes one ass-whole to rock the raft, and cause that 5 seconds to feel like forever.

It’s also hard to tell from the photo, but there is a second drop on this slide too.  That is concerning.  I’d feel much better if they covered the top of that with a tube of some sorts.

The actual final height is still classified, because the park where it’s located, Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, wants to keep it under wraps until it’s finished in order to keep the crown for longer, reminds me of the skyscraper building contests of the turn of the century.  Anyway, the current tallest is at 134.5 feet tall in Brazil, Schlitterbahn says this one will be taller.

Here’s a blueprint of it with from the side to get a better idea:


So, question now is, would you go down this?

{wheat city | reddit}


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LEGO Rollercoaster

I like this hybrid LEGO roller coaster.  If I had built it, I would watch it for hours.  As is, I could probably watch this video a few more times before I got bored of it.  I like simple things like this, which is somewhat ironic, because that LEGO roller coaster is not simple at all.


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Insane Microwave Science

Some of you might remember that we here at Deadly Computer first got our start doing some strange Microwave experiments.  We did that for a few years, and had ammassed quite a following at our peak, nothing by today’s YouTube sensation standards, but enough for our small little website that could.

Anyway, we may have been crazy college kids, but we were never suicidal.

It’s pretty risky taking apart a microwave and using the magnetron naked like that, pretty risky as in blind, sterile, and dead risky.

I haven’t watched the rest of his videos, but this video is pretty boring, mostly because he decided to leave the casing on.  That hides all the sparks and fun things, which makes the video boring.  The TV at the end was pretty good though, and the antenna glowing bright red like that was awesome.  Again though, if he had taken the TV apart it would have been a better show, I guarantee it.

{Hacked Gadgets}

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Alternate History Thursday – TIME

In this reality, today is 11/12/13, that’s a pretty sequential day if you think about it, and you’re a regular crazy human.

In our alternate reality, today is just like any other day, a “Thursday.”  Days of the week have no meanings anymore, but some of the old remaining pure humans still use the traditional day terms.  The month names have disappeared completely.  The years aren’t even easy to figure out so far underground either.  Best guess by the pures is it’s 7737.  But it could be 17737 for all we know, or care.

The pures are slowly dying out, persecuted for generations, and forced closer and closer to the surface, they are in danger of loosing their pure status.  But it doesn’t seem to phase them.  They claim they are evolving, and prefer to go by “Darwinains,” after an ancient scientist that lived on the surface, as opposed to the derogatory “pures.” The rest of us just call them pures when we see them, which is not often.

Hopefully they’ll be gone soon.

Pures. Gone. Soon.  Those three words together have a scary meaning.  It means us as a species has finally left this planet.  After ages of trying, and wars, and invasions, humanity has finally left this planet.

I don’t know how long ago (no one except maybe the oldest of the pures knows for sure), we were forced underground after the Kssim invaded and began to colonize the surface.  Over time the Kssim began inter breed, and perform genetic experiments on humanity, creating an advanced race.  The Kssim-human hybrids slowly spread and now, like I said before, there are only a few pure humans left under this world.

But they’re quiet.

In all the lives of all my ancestors for as long as we can remember (which to be honest, isn’t very good, the Kssim are very forgetful), the pures have never been this quiet.  They haven’t bothered anyone, or started a riot, or abducted any of us.  It’s concerning.  Some claim that they’ve finally died out, but I know for a fact that that’s not true, as I’ve seen them myself.

I don’t know what to expect, but I am getting scared.  In my lifetime we have not heard from the Kssim above ground.  That is a first.  This could mean anything, but I fear it means that the pures have retaken the surface.

I hope that that is not true, for the world as we know it could change drastically if it is.

I’ve spent too much time looking for them lately, I should make my way home, but I need to know.  I need to know where they went, why they went, and if they’re going to come back.  I’ve found all sorts of pure artifacts, including many books.  If only I could read pure.  Not that it would do any good, as there’s about a dozen different pure languages, and I’d need to know at least half of them in order to have any chance of understanding what’s going on.  Very few of us are that learned.

There are pictures though.

It’s hard to tell what they are of, but it looks like the surface.  And Kssim.  I know what Kssim look like, and there are lots of them in the pictures.  But they don’t look alive.  And that concerns me.

I’m going to keep going now, maybe I’ll find something else, or someone else who knows what’s going on.


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The Flying V

wazzzzah, has provided us with probably the 2nd greatest user made movie song ever.  (Sorry, nothing will ever beat Die Hard).  I don’t really remember D3 too much, so I can’t speak to what the singer claims, but I’ll take it on faith that he’s correct.