I’d venture to guess that this is RCT2, based on my extensive knowledge of the subject.

Balloon Stall

RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of my all time favorite video games.  Up there with Tetris, it’s timeless.

I also love LEGOS.

Somehow, it never dawned on me to join the two together, but they go perfectly together.  They both allow your imagination to run wild and create amazing creations.  One is limited only by the number of bricks you have on hand, and the other is limited by a ancient 256 bit attraction limit.

Brake section

Regardless, they both have the same philosophy – let your imagination run wild.

seafood stall

It’s a shame that these are all just renders.  There’s a petition going on to turn this into a real set.  But it looks kinda Kickstater-esque, and it only has 81 backers, so it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, which is a shame, I’d buy it.  It’d probably be expensive though.  You’d have to buy each set individually.  And then all the scenery, and stuff.  But DAMN, would it be ace to build a roller coaster in and around an already existing LEGO town.


Take a gander at the full Imgur album to see the rest.  Many of them are of the shops and stalls, but that’s just because it’s easy making those. If you tried to make a roller coaster it’d be impossible because of the uniqueness of each coaster.


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