The Cookie Clicker



It’s embarrassing how much time I’ve spent playing this game.  It’s not even a game, you can just let it run in the background on a not used tab and you still accumulate cookies.  But I feel watching, and clicking is so much more fun.

Also, probably the best thing about the whole game.  If you open the web inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+I), and go to the console.  Type in Game.RuinTheFun(900000) you automatically win.  I like if because it acknowledges that people are going to cheat, and at lest it makes fun of it for you.  I haven’t cheated yet, and I haven’t beaten it yet.  Apparently there are hidden upgrades and items you can get as you bake more cookies.

As it stands, I’m at just under half a trillion cookies baked.

Here’s one of my older game saves if you want to try it out yourself:



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