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Science & Soap

YouTube user carsandwater has uploaded an interesting series of experiments.  He heats up a ball of nickel to red hot levels, then puts it on stuff.  Most of them are more or less the same, the ball sits and does nothing while it slowly burns and chars the item it was placed on.  It actually does much less destruction then I would imagine, which means I learned something, which means it wasn’t useless after-all.


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Window to Destruction

LG recently released a new series of televisions.  I won’t go into the marketing spin of what they call it and what it has, cause in 6 months when you look at this post again, it won’t mean anything.

I’ll just let you watch the above video that shows a really great office prank being done with them.

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a stumble DIY

Public Art

ice sculpture

You won’t get any love of the arts from me.  I understand that they’re useful and inspire creativity, but most “modern art” is a ridiculous waste of time and money.  These following concepts of Public Arts projects however are a different story.  Some of them are just as weird and subject to interpretation, like the musical intersection, I think that will be more annoying then fun.  But the above ice flower is really unique, and I think it’d be cool.

bridge to nowhere

I like this bridge to nowhere.  There’s many places in NYC where I’d like to get photos above the crowds.  In fact, I’d even go for maybe a 10 foot tall version.  Just enough to get above the heads of people.