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An Actual Periodic Table

table of everything

I’ve seen many different periodic tables in my time.  I like the awesome one best, but one thing all those had in common was trying constrain something in a setting it was never meant for.  Sure, with some work you could get the character one making sense, and the awesome one too, but the internet one, that was pretty useless as the classic “Periodic Table” form.

What I like about the above is that it shows the actual elements, and things they are most commonly used for.  Many of them are pretty good and you could figure out, but some would be a stretch.  Or, maybe it’s a learning experience for those.

Like Neodymium, that looks like it’s used to make cars, but it’s actually used in the electric motors of hybrid cars, so that picture is misleading.  Although it does tell you below what the picture is.

I also like the icons they have above the elements, this makes is much easier to group things.

In fact, I think they should make these postersized, and sell/give them away to schools.  I would have had a much better experience in chemistry class if I knew what some of these unpronounceable things were used for.

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