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Read The Stumbles

Some came from Sumble, some came from Reddit, let’s just bask in the glory that are the wrong internet pics.  There’s quite a collection this time around, it takes longer to collect them because I don’t get to spend hours and days on Stumbleupon anymore, just an hour or so a week before I go to bed.  It doesn’t keep me up as late anymore either.  My how the times have changed.

What hasn’t changed is the wrongness, and humor you can find doing it.  So weather it’s through stumbleupon, or reddit, here below are some internet pictures to enjoy:

Inverted World
Inverted World

Take a second to let the map sink in.  I think this would be a cool world to live on.  It would drastically change the way life evolved that’s for sure. {imgur|reddit}

How Stars are made
How Stars are made

Yes, this is foolproof (anyone know what this is from?) {imgur}

snow kitty
snow kitty

How can you not think that that’s cute? {imgur}

save kitty
Save Kitty

This kitty looks out for you {imgur}



One of the classic internet memes {reddit}

Army Men


Army Men know no age {reddit}

Grammar Nazi's

Nazi’s make their return, in Grammar form. {reddit}


The title on this Post has a Yo-Dawg feel, the top image has a Matrix feel, and the image series themselves have an Inception feel.  It’s a meme of memes.

Inception Emulators

Read the comments on reddit if you dare.




It is an interesting query.  The consensus seems to be Batman, with Vader in 2nd. I like Batman, but I’d have to go with Vader.  Also, Marv, RoboCop, Dredd, I’m not really sure why they are included here. I think Iron Man should replace one of those, then let’s see who else could replace the other 2? I’d say James Bond, and Agent Smith.  Those 3 – Iron Man, James Bond, and Agent Smith are much more fearsome/usefull then Marv, Dredd, and RoboCop. {reddit}

Hitler shaving

And in the shaving form {imgur}


And we will end everything with AMERICA! {reddit}

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