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A New Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars

Or at least confirmation of discussion on a new version of this game.  Wow, how vague is that.  We famously featured Geometry Wars as Step 5c in our world renowned DIY Server Rack.

Geometry Wars is the only game that can give Halo (2 or 3) a run for it’s money in terms of hours played by me.  It’s so easy to say “one more game.”  So easy in fact that while at school, our house rules were one more game actually meant 2 more games.  And the real sneaky of us (read me and Mike), mastered the back out and restart in under 2 seconds maneuver giving us about 4 more games on avg.

Anyway, news that a New Geometry Wars is being talked about has me excited.  I would add to the reasons to buy the HaloBox One (aka Xbox One).  As the Xbox will always be known to me as the source of Halo and Geometry Wars.


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