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Alternate History Thursday – Egyptians

In the age of the internet either everything on it is true, or everything on it is false.  It depends on how you intemperate the equation.  Anyway, in our current world, the above video is alittle skeptical, since it’s a video.

In our alternate history, we are traveling back in time to the age of the Egyptians.  Which just so happens to be 5 weeks ago 2 turns of the dial form Tango St. Alpha.  Here we find that the
Egyptians, or Echoguisaans as they call themselves, were world renowned scientists and knew everything there was to know about the natural, and scientific worlds.  They invented a few thousand different processes of science stuff.

One of them was the discovery of alternate universes.  This ground breaking discovery polarized their world.  Either it was the greatest discovery of all time, or it was the sign of the downfall of civilization.  (Spoiler, it was the downfall of their (and a few dozen other) civilizations).  After the first reports of the other side came  back the populous made pilgrimages to the other side.  The high demand directly led to the construction of more portal ports.  However, to quote Dr. Ian Malcolm:

If I may… Um, I’ll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you’re using here, it didn’t require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn’t earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don’t take any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now

This statement from Jurassic Park accurately describes what the Echoguisaans had created.  For they didn’t know it, but each new portal they opened up didn’t actually end up in the same dimension, although it was thought that.  Each one was somewhat different.

It wasn’t proven until nearly 2/3 of the population had already migrated to the new lands, but by then it was too late.  The people had dispersed and inter mingled with the natives and were never going to leave.  Half of the remaining 1/3 of the population tried to get portals closed down for good, while the other half just tried to get somewhere else.

Eventually civil war broke out and the portals, like all scientific discoveries were turned into weapons.  Rebels took over key portal ports went over and then managed to reverse the polarity on the portal generating device and cause massive radiation bursts that led to direct connections to yet other dimensions.  These un/”natural” openings were not governed by science, and laws and so were opened into dimensions that didn’t abide by the same laws of physics that the Echoguisaans (or us regular humans) do.  The people quickly labeled the spirits, or ghosts, and rushed to destroy the remaining portal ports before any more could be turned into these spirit bombs.

After months of battling all the portal ports were shut down or destroyed.  In a first for humanity all the relevant information regarding their creation, implementation, and organization was voluntarily destroyed.  In the following years the “spirits” trapped in their world abides by their own laws and lived out their lives as best they could.  But since we have no understanding of where they came from, how they got here, what they’re doing, or what they want, we don’t understand them.  We can’t communicate with them, all we can do is watch them move an ancient statue of their old friends hoping to get noticed and eventually maybe return home.  Or just mess with us cause it’s fun.

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The Holy Grail

Coming to theaters this winter, watch the truly epic tale of the greatest story ever told, the King Author’s Search for the Holy Grail.  This masterpiece is sure to be nominated, for, and probably win all the awards available for movies.


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An Actual Periodic Table

table of everything

I’ve seen many different periodic tables in my time.  I like the awesome one best, but one thing all those had in common was trying constrain something in a setting it was never meant for.  Sure, with some work you could get the character one making sense, and the awesome one too, but the internet one, that was pretty useless as the classic “Periodic Table” form.

What I like about the above is that it shows the actual elements, and things they are most commonly used for.  Many of them are pretty good and you could figure out, but some would be a stretch.  Or, maybe it’s a learning experience for those.

Like Neodymium, that looks like it’s used to make cars, but it’s actually used in the electric motors of hybrid cars, so that picture is misleading.  Although it does tell you below what the picture is.

I also like the icons they have above the elements, this makes is much easier to group things.

In fact, I think they should make these postersized, and sell/give them away to schools.  I would have had a much better experience in chemistry class if I knew what some of these unpronounceable things were used for.

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Read The Stumbles

Some came from Sumble, some came from Reddit, let’s just bask in the glory that are the wrong internet pics.  There’s quite a collection this time around, it takes longer to collect them because I don’t get to spend hours and days on Stumbleupon anymore, just an hour or so a week before I go to bed.  It doesn’t keep me up as late anymore either.  My how the times have changed.

What hasn’t changed is the wrongness, and humor you can find doing it.  So weather it’s through stumbleupon, or reddit, here below are some internet pictures to enjoy:

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Thumbs & Ammo


Clearly it’s a play on Guns & Ammo, mixed with the The Zappers.

I’m not sure which site came first, Thumbs and Ammo, or Zappers, but they both present the same idea.  Take still images of from films of people pointing guns, and replace the guns with something else.  In the latter of which used the Nintendo Entertainment System’s light gun (zapper).  As you can see from the above (and below) photo(s), the former site uses thumbs up.

I'll Be Back


Thumbs & Ammo seems to have a larger, better selection of replaced images.  It also looks like it’s been updated more recently too.  But it also looks like you can make your own and submit them, probably why it’s been updated more.



Personally, I like the Zapper site better because Thumbs Up seems like a gimmick, and kinda takes away from some scenes, also, some of the scenes just don’t make any sense with the way the characters are holding the guns.

Shut up Donny

In other news.


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Please don’t be Weird

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” from Aaron Paul

This movie looks way to serious.  I know it’s a humorous skit, but it’s way to serious.  Ever since The Dark Knight, everything needs to be serious, Why?  I don’t get it.  It doesn’t make it better.  Especially for something like this.

I did like Weird Al’s part in it though, and if anyone can make fun of themselves, he’s allowed to.

{Funny or Die|Reddit}

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South Dakota

NPS logo

On my quest to go to all of this Great Nation’s the National Parks, I am taking a week long trip out to South Dakota.  A 14 hour road trip from Chicago, Il. to spend a few days at The Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Minuteman Missile Silo, and The Wind & Jewel Caves.  Lots of things to do, lots of pictures to take, 2 more Parks to cross of the list.  It’ll be fun, I promise, and when I get back, photos will be posted.

Hopefully the flight out to Chicago will be enjoyable.  It’s Southwest, I hate Southwest.  In fact, maybe I’ll do a review of the flight when I get back.  Yea, that’ll be good.

Anyway, see you all next week sometime.

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A New Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars

Or at least confirmation of discussion on a new version of this game.  Wow, how vague is that.  We famously featured Geometry Wars as Step 5c in our world renowned DIY Server Rack.

Geometry Wars is the only game that can give Halo (2 or 3) a run for it’s money in terms of hours played by me.  It’s so easy to say “one more game.”  So easy in fact that while at school, our house rules were one more game actually meant 2 more games.  And the real sneaky of us (read me and Mike), mastered the back out and restart in under 2 seconds maneuver giving us about 4 more games on avg.

Anyway, news that a New Geometry Wars is being talked about has me excited.  I would add to the reasons to buy the HaloBox One (aka Xbox One).  As the Xbox will always be known to me as the source of Halo and Geometry Wars.


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Creepy Faces

In honor of Friday the 13th, here’s another one super creepy thing that joins the ever growing creepy lists.  Unlike some of the other things, this is more virtual.

creepy face

I gotta say, this is one of the creepiest Photoshop things I’ve ever seen.  Like the title of the reddit thread, I’m not really sure what I thought when I clicked the link.

face swap 2



Sept 11.

12 years ago today a series of events started that forever changed the world.

19 terrorists hijacked 4 planes destroying 2 national landmarks, damaging another, and forever leaving a mark in a field in Pennsylvanian.

An entire generation has grown up knowing only of a life after that horrible day.

Today, take a moment of silence to remember all those who were needlessly killed, but also to remember the life before the attacks.