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Alternate History Thursday – Fat Man

Fat Man

Earlier this week I told you about the first nuclear nuclear bomb used in anger but the USAA against the Empire of England.  After utterly destroying the city of Blackpool with no notice or effect, more drastic measures were required.

The German Alliance was initially against the idea, but eventually they gave in, mostly because they didn’t want to have to invade again, but high USAA leaders set the plan to be London.  In the blink of an eye the entirety of the English Empire’s leading class was wiped out.  The Field Marshals around the world who wanted out with the war immediately surrendered unconditionally to the alliance.

And with that WW2 was over.

Now, that is by far not the end of the Nuclear story.  As you may remember from last month, massive nuclear blasts introduced Earth to aliens.  However, the source of that blast was definitely not human in nature, at least not the humanity of this reality (or the one where you’re reading it in either).  That full story is for another time.


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