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Die Hard

Ah tumblr, there’s really something for everything, if you can find it.  ZapperFilms is one of those niche markets that replaces the guns in famous movie stills with the NES Zapper.

Kick Ass


On a side note, I really want to see Kick-Ass 2

The Matrix


The Goonies

Interesting fact about The Goonies, 3 years after Robert Davi was put in custody for his involvement in being a Fratelli, he got out and became an elite member of the FBI’s Terrorism Task force Special Agent Johnson (No, the other one).  He reminisced about Saigon to Special Agent Johnson, who was in Jr. High, then tried to shoot our Hero John McClane, before Hans blew up the roof forgetting about Karl while John promised to never go up in a tall building ever again as he jumped off tied to a fire hose.

And the rest is history.



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