Jump off a Building


Theoretically, this looks like fun, realistically, it’s ridiculously stupid and dangerous. Here’s the episode, you can watch it in it’s entirety on YouTube, isn’t that great?!  Be warned though, it’s alittle gory at some parts.   Full disclosure, when I saw the initial gif above, I wanted to do it, after watching the video and … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Judgement Day


In 1984 the world was first warned of this day. Kyle Reese told Sarah Connor all about it when he found her.  Together they managed to destroy the Terminator and hope that everything is ok. 11 years later two Terminators are again sent back to kill and protect.  We learn that Judgement Day is still … Continued

DIY Fireworks


Which are only slightly less dangerous than making your own regular fireworks. It actually looks much safer than even semi professionally bought fireworks, but more of a workout too. {reddit}

Timelapse Clouds and Aurora


I like time lapses, I like clouds, I like space stuff, I like photography.  The only way to make the above video better is to put Bruce Willis in and change the music to Bon Jovi. The above being known, I do think that that’s a pretty cool phenomena.  I would like to see them … Continued

Submerged Town’s Return


The modestly sized Villa Epecuén was utterly destroyed in 1985 after a series of unusual weather events cause a a dam to burst and a dike to break putting the entire town under 33 feet of salt water.  Initially, the residents hoped it would be a temporary thing, and waited for the water to recede, within days … Continued

Shake Vigorsouly


I bet this game is really fun on an iPad, or iPhone, or other mobile device there you can actually shake it, and not just move the mouse back and forth.  Be warned though, the screen shot above is a snapshot of flashing lights, and other seizure type things. Play for yourself!

The Monuments Men


Ah Matt Damon, teaming up with George Clooney for another exciting movie tour.  It’s hard to tell from the trailer what the tone of this movie is gonna be, but I think it’s going to be 65% Ocean’s Eleven, and 35%  serious film.  Andrew Shuster over at Filmonic thinks there could be alittle Saving Private … Continued

Google Glass Stadium


A few weeks ago Bon Jovi played some shows at Met Life Stadium.  I went to one of them, (sadly not the one above).  On Saturday show a kind person offered the use of their Google Glass explorer kit. I’ve been loosely following the Google Glass phenomenon for awhile now, but until now I haven’t … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Fat Man


Earlier this week I told you about the first nuclear nuclear bomb used in anger but the USAA against the Empire of England.  After utterly destroying the city of Blackpool with no notice or effect, more drastic measures were required. The German Alliance was initially against the idea, but eventually they gave in, mostly because … Continued

Alternate History Thursday Little Boy


Little Boy, the first nuclear bomb dropped in anger.  In our timeline, the United States of America dropped this bomb as part of the Potsdam Declaration on the Japanese city of Hiroshima early in the morning of August 6th, 1945.  The Japanese ignored this plea for unconditional surrender, and the rest is history. That is … Continued