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Alternate History Thursdays –:.:– Roswell

Today I will blow your mind.

Not only did aliens Crash land at Roswell in 1947, but the ones that did were in a trans-dimensional space-time traversing device.  Meaning, they have the technology to move about timelines and realities as they see fit.

How is this possible you ask?



Anyway, so, in July of 1947 the aliens crash land at Roswell New Mexico in the great country of America.  However, this was not a “crash landing”, in the sense that a craft lost power and crashed.  It was – look these humans have nuclear technology – EMP blast loss of power crash.  (Before you berate me and say any space faring civilization worth their salt would put EMP shields on their space ships, let me remind you of a few things:

A. Aliens

B. Time travel

C. ???

D. Profit


So, the aliens crash land and are left hopelessly out of luck on the planet.  The Americans while looking over the fields of their live nuclear weapons test on a real unsuspecting rural town find the remains of a ship.

  • Where did it come from?
  • How did it get here?
  • Who are they?
  • Should we shoot them?

Those were just some of the questions running through the commie’s heads.  Luckily enough, the aliens were able to speak passable English, and so were able to describe the events that led up to their arrival in great detail.  Here is their story:


At approximately 17:73:009 Centari Standard +Twel time (03:17 July 04, 1947 Local Earth Time), we were preparing for a routine jump to the 4th planet in the Symite system (Mars in the Sol System).  As we were traveling the shock wave from a nuclear explosion ripped into the fabric of Space Time and threw us off course by a few realities.  We have observed this local reality as uneventful, and not worth the effort of visiting in the past, but this new development intrigued us, so upon confirmation from our home base, we diverted to Earth.

Upon our arrival we scanned the planet looking for the location of the massive (estimated at 127 Tt) blast.  We found no such source, the only radiation sources were coming from the south western corner of the smaller continent.  We investigated.  Approximately 3 local days later another blast rocked our ship and disrupted our electronics systems.  We went into a dive and crashed into the planet.

Our current electronic systems are malfunctioning, and we are not able to make contact with our home base.  We do not know the cause of this malfunction, and would greatly appreciate any help you can give us.


The Americans took this with a grain of salt, but ultimately it was believable.  After a few years they were able to repair the “inter-dimensional-time radio” – IDR, and make contact with the inhabitants from Centari.  It turns out that the disappearance of Flight 1700 was a major scandal across the universe.  The unheard of artificial blast was recorded and felt across the galaxy.  What made Flight 1700 unique was that it was the only flight in the universe in any of the measurable realities that was in flight at the time.  There was a 77 microTwel (23 second) time difference between the flights before and after 1700.  Why?

More importantly, and strangely, Flight 1700 was stuck in this reality.  They could communicate, but could not travel as until this point, no one had ever traveled to this reality, only sent unmanned drones in to take samples, and provide assistance, and no one ever tried to retrieve those drones, as the data was sent back perfectly fine.

What’s going on?

Who knows?

(See above photo)

Anyway, there is more to this story, but it’s classified right now.  Fear not though, because in the future, all will be revealed.


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