Creepy Tree Heads


On the list of things that would freak you out if you came across it in the middle of the night you would probably crap your pants, Clement Briend has his own spot.  In fact, if he teamed up with the creepy tree guy, and had that tree on a hill, and projected one of … Continued

LEGO Prosthetic Leg


YouTube user AmputeeOT recently made her own prosthetic leg out of LEGOs.  It all started as a joke in her research lab, but like all things in the internet age, just because you can do it, means you HAVE to do it. So She did.  And it’s awesome.  That’s right. Apparently, she’s working on version … Continued

3D Hot Glue


Combining 2 of my favorite things, Hot glue and LEGOs comes this crude 3-D Printer.  The printing is done with hot glue, and the actual printer is nearly all LEGOs. I like the basics of it, but he needs to iron out the kinks (in the hot glue too) alittle before you can make anything … Continued

Nail in Wood


You’d have to watch the video to find out how the nail got stuck in the block of wood.  I honestly wouldn’t have thought of the way they did it.  I thought they cut the wood, then glued it back together.  I was wrong. {Hacked Gadgets}

The Nazi Forest


Only visible from the air, and probably too small for Google Maps/Earth (it’s only about an acre), and only visible during the autumn months, when the trees leaves turn yellow and stand out among the regular pines of the forest.  This swastika is a remnant of the 1930s.  Probably pre-WW2, when the Nazi’s weren’t as … Continued

Microwave Things


  Honestly, how did we never think of that?  We’ve microwaved our fair share of items over the years, but never something as simple and easy to find as a Highlighter.  That’s a pretty great picture too.  I wonder what it smells like by the way, probably dangerously poisonous. {reddit}

Die Hard


Above is the Trailer for the Greatest Film ever made in the history of the planet. Now, I don’t need a reason to post about Die Hard. But today, I have a very valid one.  25 years ago today, Die Hard was released to the world.  The world at the time consisted of 21 only theaters, … Continued

Mirror Box Pictures


The above crazy photo comes from placing candles in a box of mirrors. Mirrors you say? Yes, Mirrors, 6 square mirrors epoxied together to form an infinite amount of infinite: This one looks good: This looks CGI doesn’t it?  Nope, just a pitch dark box of mirrors with light coming in from the edges. Pretty … Continued

Alternate History Thursdays –:.:– Roswell


Today I will blow your mind. Not only did aliens Crash land at Roswell in 1947, but the ones that did were in a trans-dimensional space-time traversing device.  Meaning, they have the technology to move about timelines and realities as they see fit. How is this possible you ask?   Anyway, so, in July of … Continued