The Bay Bridge Lights


Bay Bridge Lights

I saw this post on Engadget back in March. I thought it had all the markings of something that could be awesome.  So when I made plans to go to Yosemite a month or so later, I knew I had to make time to see the lights on the Bridge.

What a waste that was.  I would have been much better staying in my hotel watching Men In Black and going to sleep from my all day trip and to prepare for the early morning ahead of my drive out to Yosemite.

For starters, the busy docks over in Oakland in the background totally drown out and overpower the subtle lights on the bridge (as you can tell from the above photo).  The actual lights were very lack luster.  Not what I was expecting, or hoping for.  Maybe it’s something different every night, and if that’s the case, please someone tell me so that I can think about going back to see them one day.

They had so much they could do with synchronized displays.  I mean it’s all computer controlled LEDs on a 1.8 mile span.  You can get some pretty nice things out of that.  But this was just falling light.  Like icicle lights in Christmas time.  Except larger, and more boring.

{The Bay Lights}


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