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Cataclysm – K’Nex Ball

Ball Machines are fun.  This one is insane.


You might remember this guy from his ace Skee Ball machine. Well, that was not his first adventure into crazy K’Nex contraptions.  No, he made this 28,000 piece Ball machine that has 6 different paths to the bottom.


knex ball 2


knex ball 3

Again, he spent over a year building this monster, and again, it’s more of a display of awesome engineering then an actual toy.  My only question for him is “Do you have them both made at the same time?  Or do you make something, play with it for awhile, then dismantle it to start the next project?”

Again, here’s a video of it in action:


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Half Dome

So, incase you didn’t know, I’m back from Yosemite.  I’ve gone through most of my photos, any takers on the total number I took?  Come on, I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than 100, but less than 10,000.  That photo above is just one of the many you can go view.  Look at these photos!

Stay tuned for more posts and things to come.

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The Bay Bridge Lights

Bay Bridge Lights

I saw this post on Engadget back in March. I thought it had all the markings of something that could be awesome.  So when I made plans to go to Yosemite a month or so later, I knew I had to make time to see the lights on the Bridge.

What a waste that was.  I would have been much better staying in my hotel watching Men In Black and going to sleep from my all day trip and to prepare for the early morning ahead of my drive out to Yosemite.

For starters, the busy docks over in Oakland in the background totally drown out and overpower the subtle lights on the bridge (as you can tell from the above photo).  The actual lights were very lack luster.  Not what I was expecting, or hoping for.  Maybe it’s something different every night, and if that’s the case, please someone tell me so that I can think about going back to see them one day.

They had so much they could do with synchronized displays.  I mean it’s all computer controlled LEDs on a 1.8 mile span.  You can get some pretty nice things out of that.  But this was just falling light.  Like icicle lights in Christmas time.  Except larger, and more boring.

{The Bay Lights}


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Alternate History Thursday – D-Day



Keeping with the tradition of the year, I am going to continue to tell you the alternate history that happened today.  (Today is also one of the few times that Alternate History Thursday will take place on an actual Thursday)

Anyway, last we learned, WW2 played out slightly differently than you were probably taught in school.  But there’s a surprisingly large amount of overlap.  Mainly in the Communist Americans helping a battered, and nearly beaten European Ally destroy an oppressor.

The oppressor however, was the tyrannical British Empire.

D-Day still happened, but instead of one massive invasion into an occupied continent, it was a series of nearly a dozen coordinated landings on all the English holdings except England itself.

Nearly half a million troops made landfall into India, South Africa, The Middle East, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.  The plan was to cut off British  troops from all avenues back to England, and slowly tighten the noose until each nation, & continent was free.

The troops were made up of Americans on the oceans, and German Collation on the seas in the north.  It was a 70/30 split between the two for strength wise, but all in all they were successful.  America even sent over troops from the coast of the Brazilian Territory to make landfall at Liberia.  That went surprisingly well actually.

This marked the beginning of the end for Great Britain.  Essentially cut off from their money makers & supply lines in Africa, and their fuel in the Mid East, they slowly crumbled.  Slow is relative though, since it took nearly a year, and a bomb being dropped on their stubborn ass killing the crazy King before anyone changed their minds.


Samuel L. Jackson is Quitting Acting!!!1!1

At least he’s going into something acceptable, vigilante crime fighting.  Probably wouldn’t be much fighting, more of a just looking at hoodlums, just like he says.

Also, this is a total internet lie.  He recorded that winning user submitted post in monolog form to raise awareness & money for Alzheimer’s.

That’s all.

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Teapot Politics

Maybe you’ve heard on other websites about a little marketing issue JCPenney is having (also, NEWSFLASH, JCPenney still exists…I had no idea). But it just wouldn’t be the deadlycomputer blog unless we discussed this:


Does this picture remind you of anyone? Well if you’re drivers along California’s Interstate 405 Highway, you most likely thought “that teapot looks just like Hitler.”

Oh yes, its our pick for #1 dictator in human history back again, reincarnated (note: none of the staff at deadlycomputer believe in or advocate the belief in reincarnation) as a teapot. Now it may or may not be true, but I’m pretty sure Hitler enjoyed tea over coffee, so this product is oddly appropriate, even though I seriously doubt that the designer did this purposefully.

All this controversy is pretty stupid. Honestly, I would never see that teapot and think it looks like Hitler, until someone else would point it out to me. After all, it could be much worse:


But, if you’d like, you can totally still pick up this awesome teapot (but its on backorder) regardless of what you think of Hitler. It could be a collector’s item one day.


In Steve’s Absense

Its me again! With Steve out of the picture (and without internet access) I
will be posting as I see fit. Some posts he may agree with (like the one forthcoming), others he may not. Oh well. Its his fault either way for giving the keys to the kingdom as it were…


How Railings are Made

Like the video on how wooden floor boards are made, the above shows how wrought iron railings, and decorative things are made.  I gotta say, I always assumed there was a high tech machine involved somewhere, just in this day and age, because there’s

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some pretty intricate things that look exactly alike, and no human can churn out the same exact thing over and over.


San Francisco & Yosemite

The Watchman

I am off to San Francisco, and more importantly, Yosemite National Park this morning.  I will be there for the rest of the week, returning on the Red Eye flight Friday night.  So expect little to no updates from me for this week.

Or will you??!?!?!?!

Chris could post something, but he won’t, cause he sucks.  Yea, that’s right, prove me wrong.

Anyway, take a look at some of the photos I have from last year’s trip to Zion, Bryce, & The Grand Canyon.  They’re pretty damn spectacular if I do say so myself.