Alternate History Thursday

This alternate history lesson will deal with another strangeness, rather than our main story.

In this alternate history, humans live underwater, actually, it’s not humans, but a human – dolphin hybrid that controls the world.  They’ve spent the last hundred thousand years evolving, on a 90% liquid water planet.

The Hudolphss, (as we call ourselves), are very learned in the sciences, and, just like their human cousins, they secretly hate everyone else.  Over the course of history, there have been 7 recorded wars between the tribes.  The most recent one saw the advent of new, nuclear weapons.  Above you can see a video of one of their tests, and hear what it would have sounded like to them under water.

The Hudolphss history is not all war and death, with the advent of nuclear technology, they finally set up permanent bases outside of the oceans.  Within 10 years they were into space, but they found it just as cold and lifeless as we currently do.

Jupiter is the 4th planet from the sun, our neighbor, and therefore much closer, making the moon Europa have liquid water, and much, much easier to get to.  They colonized that moon, and soon started out on a trans galactic flight.  They have yet to return with their findings…

The above video looks like it’s from Operation Crossroads, if the video caption is to be believed, and my extensive knowledge of US Nuclear tests is to be trusted (when is it not?)

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