Alternate History Thursday


This alternate history lesson will deal with another strangeness, rather than our main story. In this alternate history, humans live underwater, actually, it’s not humans, but a human – dolphin hybrid that controls the world.  They’ve spent the last hundred thousand years evolving, on a 90% liquid water planet. The Hudolphss, (as we call ourselves), … Continued

DIY Knife


  This is more an image post, then an actual post, since the original source of it is all one large image, I’m far too lazy right now to cut this up into individual photos, sorry, besides, this show’s the whole thing real nice doesn’t it? Also, this is the hard way to make a … Continued

K’Nex Skeeball


Over 28,000 pieces, over 1 year build time, more a feat of DIY engineering than anything else.  This is awesome. (I used to use that word a lot, but I’ve curtailed it recently, in this case, I mean it). Instrucables user Shadowman39 really went all out to build this monster.  Everything in it is made … Continued

Flying Chainsaws


Well, circular saws really, but who’s keeping score, it’s still a helicopter dangling a high speed wheel of death.  I’d almost be more terrified of one of these then of a black helicopter, almost.  The video speaks for itself, but in case you’re too lazy to watch it, and want to read, basically what happened … Continued

Shrink Coins


All I have to say is Yeah Science. Below you can watch as they shrink a quarter.  Even using a proper High Speed camera, they only got 4 frames of the process.  That’s freaking fast man.  The whole process works by sending tremendous amounts of current through a coil of copper in which the coin is placed.  The … Continued

I Didn’t Steal this Car


    Nathan over at HAHA Bird has created probably the coolest car key ever.  He says he did it for practical purposes, I think he did it cause he wanted a legal excuse to jam a screwdriver into his ignition. Either way, he has a detailed description of the process that all in all, looks like … Continued

Wooden Nest Bridge


There are all sorts of levels of insane associated with this bridge. At first glance it just doesn’t look real.  Like a render, or a cartoon, just something that doesn’t exist in real life.  But it does. It’s an overpass in the town of Sneek in The Netherlands. Apparently it’s the first wooden bridge in … Continued

Ender’s Game


I have waited a decade to see this book become a movie.  I have followed it’s tale long and hard as new scripts were written, new casts speculated, new director, new producer, new everything.  But finally, after my 10 year wait (which is nothing compared to the 30 year’s it’s been in print), the film … Continued

Meet Charlene


On second thought, as cool as the R/C F-16 is, and the R/C plane fights, Charlene might be just the thing I’m looking for. Yes, after carfull review of the documentary, I think that’s just what I need…

Custom Pencils


No, custom sharpened pencils. Yea, that’s what this guy does…It’s weird. Weird. …Weird.