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Custom Jurassic Park Car

Finished Car
Jurassic Park Car

It must be because of the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park, but I’ve been seeing lots of Jurassic Park themed photos, and posts, and stuff lately.  This project takes the raptor shaped cake.

These 2 people turned a 33 year old Suburu into an ace looking Jurassic Park Jeep replica, Here’s what the car looked like when they started:

Pretty ugly...
ugly car

Nothing to stare at, certainly ain’t gonna get any looks.

cleaning & painting
cleaning, and painting

It’s getting better, gotta scrub all the grime off it, and start with the base coat.

Marking the sides
Marking the sides

Getting the Red accent marks along the sides.

Outlining the Logo
Outlining the Logo

Hand outlining the logo, cause it’s just easier that way.  They also hand drew the Dino skeleton logo on the hood, and sides of the car, it’s just too detailed to do it otherwise.

All in all they did a pretty amazing job on it.

I’d like to say that they spared no expense, but It looks like they used spray paint, could have gone for electro-coating that shit, but hey, it’s a 33 year old car, it probably wouldn’t last long enough.

Take alook at the rest of their album, 43 photos in all, they really went all out on the process.


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