Alternate History Thursday – Hover Cars

We’re still in the same timeline as previous Alternate History Thursdays. But this time we are in an alternate history that’s only a few years in the past.  Also, we’re gonna forgo the political drama of those previous posts, and just live with pure science.  So, let’s get down to business.

The world has advanced greatly, many, many new and wonderful technologies have been introduced to the world.  Chief of which is the levitation technology above.

The first trains using this technology were built in Germany.  Soon it was discovered that if we enclosed the

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trains in tubes devoid of atmosphere, we could greatly increase the efficiency of the system.  Germany, with the help of their European neighbor countries collaborated on a Trans-European railroad.  Over the course of 5 years 2 teams built the state of the art track from Berlin to Rome.  Each team had around 500miles to build over mountains, and through 1,000 year old villages.  When it was finished, it turned a 5 hour flight, into a 2 hour train ride.

At first ticket prices were expensive, but within 2 years, they were on par with airlines.  And within 10 years there was a network that covered all the major cities of Europe.  15 years after initial train opened, plans were underway to connect London & New York City.

A massive, 5,000 mile multi-tube tunnel that goes up north to Iceland & Greenland, and then down the East Coast of America.  This was a massive collaboration on a global scale, transcending Nations, Politics, and Religion.  It truly united the world in a way nothing in the past has done before.


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