Alternate History Thursdays

Another edition of Alternate History Thursdays, this one doesn’t focus so much on history, as it does on a theory to take on an actual product.

The product, is the single greatest platformer of the

SNES generation, Donkey Kong Country.  I’ll let the video do the major explanation, but since it’s unwatchable at certain points, here’s the gist:

America (King K. Rool) is evil, and exploitative, destroying native island nations, for their fruit and oil.  And Donkey Kong is a native trying to fight the man, and there’s a surprisingly large amount of actual history that correlates to events of the game, if you look at it through the patented 2 shooter ice bullet glasses™.

As much as this somehow fits actual events, I’m gonna have to slot this into the Alternate History version of America.  Because only there would it be OK to refer to American solders as Kremlings.


360 Degrees of Volcanic Awe

Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  Yes, that is a 360 degree panoramic video, of 4 different volcano erupting at the same time on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.  I am in awe at the fact that this is a 360 video.  It’s so smooth. And this was taken from a moving helicopter!  How come this is the first I’m seeing this great technology?!