Alternate History Thursdays

But it’s not Thursday you say.  It is, in an alternate version of history, where Thursday is the 3rd day of the week, preceded by Valkday, and Monday (still gotta start on Monday, otherwise everything else is all messed up).

Anyway, welcome to the first installment (in this version of History), of Alternate History Thursdays.

I present you The Star Spangled Banner played in minor key, it’s simply Red:

So, what happened in this version of History that our Nation’s National Anthem is played differently?

Well, let me tell you:

Many things are similar, and in fact, you’d be able to use many of the same history books and lessons you learned today.  Except for one a few key differences, America is a slightly communistic nation.  I know what you’re saying, Karl Marx wasn’t even born yet, but that’s not an issue.  This is an alternate version of history, there are literally infinite ways I can  explain that away.  Perhaps he was, or perhaps Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the gang were commies at heart.

Anyway, America, the Communist Empire that stretches from sea to sea, and pole to pole is truly the greatest nation on earth, and everywhere we go, we have to proclaim the greatness of the land.

Let it be known that were I ever to be transported to this version of History, I would immediately die.

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