Alternate History Thursdays


But it’s not Thursday you say.  It is, in an alternate version of history, where Thursday is the 3rd day of the week, preceded by Valkday, and Monday (still gotta start on Monday, otherwise everything else is all messed up). Anyway, welcome to the first installment (in this version of History), of Alternate History Thursdays. … Continued

Artfull Snow


Not just a snow slide, or snow sculpture, but more of a snow crop circle. That’s what Simon Beck makes. Located in the French Alps, he makes these amazing snow crop circles by hand (or foot rather) because he walks around in snow shoes to make the patterns.  According to him they take anywhere from … Continued

Custom LASERed Stevensoply


A coworker of reddit user jellatin spent around 600 hours making this custom designed and lasered Monopoly board. You can tell that serious time went into the making of this, look at the box, and the board, and the property cards.  They are all beautiful.  I wounder what he coated them with to make them so … Continued

Going Green III.V


And you thought this day would never come. Sadly, you best computer software were half right, this is only a single video on one of my favorite types of energy, Nuclear.  I felt it’s too important and usefull to get sent to the ether of Going Green Part IV.  So instead I made this III.V … Continued

Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2


Back by popular demand is The Engineer’s guide to Cats.  This is the 2nd entry in that series, nearly 4 years after the original.  Science takes some time I guess.  It’s just as strange, so be warned.