Alternate History Thursdays

But it’s not Thursday you say.  It is, in an alternate version of history, where Thursday is the 3rd day of the week, preceded by Valkday, and Monday (still gotta start on Monday, otherwise everything else is all messed up).

Anyway, welcome to the first installment (in this version of History), of Alternate History Thursdays.

I present you The Star Spangled Banner played in minor key, it’s simply Red:

So, what happened in this version of History that our Nation’s National Anthem is played differently?

Well, let me tell you:

Many things are similar, and in fact, you’d be able to use many of the same history books and lessons you learned today.  Except for one a few key differences, America is a slightly communistic nation.  I know what you’re saying, Karl Marx wasn’t even born yet, but that’s not an issue.  This is an alternate version of history, there are literally infinite ways I can  explain that away.  Perhaps he was, or perhaps Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the gang were commies at heart.

Anyway, America, the Communist Empire that stretches from sea to sea, and pole to pole is truly the greatest nation on earth, and everywhere we go, we have to proclaim the greatness of the land.

Let it be known that were I ever to be transported to this version of History, I would immediately die.


Artfull Snow

snow stars

Not just a snow slide, or snow sculpture, but more of a snow crop circle. That’s what Simon Beck makes.

Located in the French Alps, he makes these amazing snow crop circles by hand (or foot rather) because he walks around in snow shoes to make the patterns.  According to him they take anywhere from 3 hours to over 15, and spread out over multiple days.

That’s some dedication to work there, and trust in the weather.

snow art 1

snow cubes

I think that one might be my favorite, look at the detail on the edges, with the fractal, very Escheresque.

3d snow art

He tried to go for a 3-D effect here, I think he pulled it off pretty well, wouldn’t you?

snow crop circle

I would call that the most Crop Circle like of them all.

Those were my favorites, I’m sure there are more

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that he’s done in the time since I wrote this, but I like those best, and I’m far to lazy to save this, and post it when actually intend to publish it.  But it’s not winter anymore (at time of writing), which is why I’m writing it now, and going to keep it until winter before I publish it.  I do that sometimes, deal with it.



Custom LASERed Stevensoply

Stevensoply set

A coworker of reddit user jellatin spent around 600 hours making this custom designed and lasered Monopoly board. You can tell that serious time went into the making of this, look at the box, and the board, and the property cards.  They are all beautiful.  I wounder what he coated them with to make them so pretty?

Apparently this person works for a laser company, and this is what they do.  I gotta say, I would

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gladly spend many of my monies on something like this.  Except, I’d take Axis & Allies, or Risk.

Laser money holder

I particularly like the lasered engravings of the money in each slot.  It’s a nice touch.

There’s plenty more photos in the Imgur gallery.


Going Green III.V

And you thought this day would never come.

Sadly, you

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were half right, this is only a single video on one of my favorite types of energy, Nuclear.  I felt it’s too important and usefull to get sent to the ether of Going Green Part IV.  So instead I made this III.V post, like it, love it, read it.

internet science strange video

Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2

Back by popular demand is The Engineer’s guide to Cats.  This is the 2nd entry in that series, nearly 4 years after the original.  Science takes some time I guess.  It’s just as strange, so be warned.