Stumble Dump


It’s been awhile since the last one of these.  And the name is a misnomer now, since 90% of these images came from reddit.  But you can’t change tradition, so we’re just gonna stick with the name we got right now and live with it.  I’m ok with it, are you?

Anyway, since it’s Christmas time,  let’s start the ball rolling with a perfect gif:


Like I said, perfect {source}

Toll Booth

Really, how does that happen? {source}


Somebody’s gotta go to prison here…{source}

Bananna suit

Yup, everything is hilarious when you’re wearing a Banana suit. {source}

Keeping up with the pooping gif above, we have a donkey who provides you with smokes. {source}

Monk Boxset

For those of you who don’t know, Monk is a character with an obsessive compulsive personality,

that would kill him, that’s why it’s so great. {source}

Empty Flight

I’m not sure if this is true or what, but it seems pretty cool if you ask me. {source|reddit}

Playing across 3 screens, that’s awesome. {reddit}

The caption on this image is all you need to know. {reddit}


If I ever need a cast, this is what I will get. {source|reddit}

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