Dec. 7.


Pearl Harbor

Another year has gone by, and still that mighty ship rests at the bottom of the harbor as a reminder of battle fought 71 years ago.

To many people today this is just another day of the week (Friday this year).  And pretty soon it will be just a stepping stone of major events in American History (if it isn’t already).

I still believe that the event that happened 71 years ago can be counted among the most important days in the history of The World.  It’s a short list, and to be honest, it’s a very Americanized list, I’m open to suggestions, but those who have been following me for years know of my take on this faithful day.

There were an infinite number of outcomes to what would happen Sunday, December 7, 1941 over in the Pacific ocean.  The universe I inhabit right now (which until we meet (and even as we are talking standing next to each other) is not the same one you reading this right now are in), was paved by the events of that day.  Each and every micro decision consciously and subconsciously made effected the outcome of where we are today.

So sit back, take a moment and reflect on that.

Pearl Harbor

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