The Movie Announcers

Sure, there’s about 100 pixels to share between these 5 movie announcers, but that’s not the point.  The point is watching/listening to this video, and seeing/hearing cinema history at the same time.  Most of those people I bet you’ve never seen before, but you’ve heard every single viagra for sale one of them.

Not since GEICO’s commercial with Don LaFontaine, have I been so surprised.

Also, Don LaFontaine looks way better bald i think.  Also also, the Disney guy is so out of place there.

Commie Bugs from Mars

commie bug bastards

This my friends, is one of the strangest games, I have ever had the pleasure of playing on the internet.  Strange, but somewhat enjoyable, except the stupid text adventure part where I spent like a full day with it open trying to figure it out.  Frog Fractions, has some innovative parts to it.  But the stupid text adventure, unlike chris, I went through the text adventure, unfortunately, I only made it halfway through before i went searching for help on tamoxifen the internet, I found it, then beat it.

The ending is satisfying, if only because you know you made it through the stupid text adventure part.

No replay value though, so it’s no Pandemic.  But deffiently play it for the laughs, there’s enough of them.


You’d never think that watching videos of various sized trucks constantly hitting an overpass would be the source of endless amusement.  But you’d be wrong.  The above playlist comes from 11foot8, a guy set up some cameras in Durham, NC to record an overpass that has, you guessed it, 11 foot, 8 inches of clearance.  Not sure if it’s the advent of cheap GPS, the distraction of cellphones, or  just the forever ineptitude of cialis without prescription humanity, but things like this seem to happen more often nowadays.  It’s probably just that we hear more about it cause there’s cameras everywhere.  Oh well, enjoy the videos, they’re pretty good.


I gotta say, that was pretty strange.  It looks like a bear, alot like a bear.  That being said, I probably would have run away if is pfizer viagra available in india it was a bear, they are deadly.  But the shot of the arms, yea, I would have bolted out of there as fast as I could.

Hopefully I would have remembered the place, or the way to get to the place, so that i could return, (with people, and guns, lots of guns), and investigate.


Die Hard – The Music Video

This video is officially the greatest internet video of all time.  Better then The Void, or The Void II, Charlie the Unicorn, that elephant video from last week, Rap Chop, ALL the pokemon.  Everyone.  This is the greatest internet video ever.  It will never be topped, cost viagra cialis it can only be equaled.

What video can equal it?  Well, certainty not the creepiest tree in the world.  All Your Base, that is an equal.  But it’s on the shortlist.  The very short list.  So short that I can’t even think of another video to add to it right now.  Sorry.

Wobbly Planes

The music is eerie, and such a poor choice I think.  Also, there’s no reason it needs to be so long.

But anyway, what you just watched (or partially watched), was a time-lapse video of planes landing on the same runway at London Heathrow Airport.  The clouds constantly moving in the background gives the illusion that the camera is panning, and it took me longer then I care to admit before I realized that.  I like the effect though, just can we alternative viagra for women change the music.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pianos, but it they can be eerie, can’t they?


Sandy 2

Sandy’s gone, but her destruction still lingers.

Here’s a pretty quiet time-lapse that shows Lower Manhattan from Sunday afternoon into Tuesday afternoon.

It’s crazy.

What can you expect from a storm that’s 1,000 miles wide?

Also, you should watch this video of Billy were can i order a real viagra Joel:

I can’t say that I love the choice of word changes, but it fits, and it’s still my 2nd favorite Billy Joel song of all time, so there’s that.

We had a total of 4 days of downtime due to no electricity, but it’s all back now, quicker then expected to be honest.


Ivy Mike

Ivy Mike

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, the 60th anniversary of the detonation of Ivy Mike, and the grand entrance into the age of the fusion bomb.

I think it’s still too early to go for a repost of all that is Ivy Mike, so I will keep it prednisone buy short and sweet and leave you with the awesome photo above as a reminder of the awesome power of the nuclear bomb.