You got a Elephant?

I got space.

This is a bus! You know how big a bus is?

This might be as old as the hills, but that doesn’t change it from being as funny as a barrel of monkeys.  And yes, I am aware that that analogy makes almost no misoprostol and best price sense, deal with it.


I don’t normally post posts about the generic propecia weather, unless it’s something big and amazing.  Hurricane Sandy happens to be one of those times.

Last year Irene hit the area alright, but this year Sandy seems to be the bigger event.  Mostly because it has the chance to turn into a Hurricane/Snow storm.  As Chris told me the other day, let that sink in.  If you are not nearly as excited as I am about that, then there is something wrong with you (or more likely, me).

Anyway, I’m just preparing you for the chance of this lovely blog to be down due to power outages in the coming days.  Sorry.

Microwave Fun

Those who know me know that I got my start in the internet from a Microwave.  Many an hour was spent looking for things to microwave and what would happen to them when they went in.  My friends.  I have never tried something this dangerous, partly because I wanted to keep my microwave at a research level, and partly because the areas we engaged in our experiments were never as misoprostol cytotech secure as that garage.

That being said, when I eventually get back into the greatest underutilized of the sciences, I will be sure to make a few pressure vessels to test out the security of my lab.

{Hacked Gadgets}

Human Rube Goldberg

I am going to assume this video is genuine, because that’s the only way to view the internet, understanding cipro purchase online that everything you read is 111% verified true facts.  That being said, there are some pretty dangerous stunts in this video that make me question it.  Particularly the walking ontop of the falling 40 foot shipping containers.  Diving from tower to tower, and jumping out of a moving driver-less car onto a pole on one of the aforementioned falling shipping containers.

It’s still cool though.

{Hacked Gadgets}

Norway is Bigger

It’s an  annoyingly catchy song.  But really, I like the satire/insulting part of the beginning.  The end though, honestly, we wouldn’t declare war on them for having a bigger alphabet. buy accutane uk  At least I wouldn’t.  We’d just make a better one.