K’nex Ball Machine

40,000 peices of K’nex, 8 months of work, 450 feet of track, 5 lifts, custom computer controlled crane.  That is some serious dedication there, serious.

As I was watching this I wished for 2 things.  One, to hear what it sounds like without the nice piano music playing over paxil alternatives it.  Often times these ball machines are extremely loud, and overpowering.

Then I saw the LEDs on certain parts of it, mainly the spinning funnel part, and the crane.  He also has some LED balls.  So at first i wanted to see it at night in the dark, but then I figured that the duh, it’s dark you won’t see much of anything .  But I forgot 2 things, one, how bright LEDs are, two, he had LED balls, and the shadows that turn up because of the spinning of the balls was awesome.  Really something great.


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