K’nex Ball Machine

40,000 peices of K’nex, 8 months of work, 450 feet of track, 5 lifts, custom computer controlled crane.  That is some serious dedication there, serious.

As I was watching this I wished for 2 things.  One, to hear what it sounds like without the nice piano music playing over paxil alternatives it.  Often times these ball machines are extremely loud, and overpowering.

Then I saw the LEDs on certain parts of it, mainly the spinning funnel part, and the crane.  He also has some LED balls.  So at first i wanted to see it at night in the dark, but then I figured that the duh, it’s dark you won’t see much of anything .  But I forgot 2 things, one, how bright LEDs are, two, he had LED balls, and the shadows that turn up because of the spinning of the balls was awesome.  Really something great.



Skydive Mishap

I’m warning you, this video is headache Cost levitra inducing.  But it’s an interesting point of view.  While on a skydive from 12,500 feet up, a helmet-mounted GoPro camera got knocked loose on exit of the plane.  Naturally it was still rolling and capturing the video all the way down.

The video itself is 8 minutes long, but the free-fall is only the first 2 and a half of those minutes.  It’s very dizzy.

Using my advanced internet skills, I have determined that the terminal velocity of it is no more then 60mph, so apparently a GoPro camera can sustain impacts of around 60mph.



Hula Hoop Cam

I gotta say, that is one of the most well edited 5 minute videos I’ve ever seen.  It’s apparent when you watch the test footage at the end.  That raw footage is cool, Generic viagra made in india but boring.  I wouldn’t really enjoy watching 5 minutes of that.  But the edited stuff, I’d watch that again.

I’ve put it after the break since it could potentially be NSWF, but remember it’s on YouTube, so it can’t be that bad.

games internet nintendo video


I’ve posted about her before, but according to her Video, today’s her birthday, prednisone vs hydrocodone plus, this is a spot on Jigglypuff impression.

the greatest

Patriot Day

World Trade Center

11 years ago the world was cialis soft pills changed forever, where were you?


Chase ALL the Bonds

That is purchase viagra in mexico some pretty well done video editing of various car chase scenes from all 6 actors to portray Secret Agent 007.  I was only able to pick out 3 of the films, I’m lacking I know.  But I haven’t seen most of them in a long time.