More Olympic Stumbles

That happen after The Olympics.  I need time to get all these fun things together for you, and I can’t do that if I’m watching the games all day now can I?

Also, as time has moved on, these are not so much stumbles anymore as things from other people, and most specifically reddit.  I know the title is like a double lie in that sense, but if you use logic, the two lies cancel each other out and become truth.  And you can’t argue with that logic now can you?

Hitler, the European Tour

Apparently these shirts are commonplace, reddit.

Star Wars Ep. V

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back all in abridged animated .gif mode! {reddit|creator}

Perfect Numbers

It might take you a minute, but once you get it, you get it, and you wish you could get yours that too. {reddit}

favorite color?

What’s your favorite color?  I like white…{imgur}

fruit smoothy

It’s a great fruit get together if you ask me. {reddit}

Star Wars

My only question is is there enough steps for the entire opening crawl? {reddit}

circle beard

Who Cialis canadian pharmacy would do that? {reddit}


No matter what you say, that building it gorgeous.  And from the air, it’s even better. {reddit}

Now we start the Olympic theme!:!


I hear about NBC sucking in broadcasting the Summer Olympics, but, I’m not watching it on TV, I’m streaming everything, it’s better that way. {Imgur}

Vaults over time

That’s such a nice way to show how extra complicated the Judging compititions have gotten in the Olympics over time. {Imgur}

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