The Freshmaker. I gotta say, this zithromax overnight shipping scene of Breaking Bad is so much better now that the above music has been set to it.  Mentos needs to cash in on this commercial, maybe even make a special color/flavor.  But I don’t think people will like chili powder flavor though.

More Olympic Stumbles


That happen after The Olympics.  I need time to get all these fun things together for you, and I can’t do that if I’m watching the games all day now can I? Also, as time has moved on, these are not so much stumbles anymore as things from other people, and most specifically reddit.  I … Continued

Alternate History Films


I like movies, I like alternate history, I like this.  That being said, I have some concerns with some of the actors they choose to represent the iconic characters of cinema past.  Leonard Nimoy as John McClane, no.  Mick Jagger as the first James Bond, also no. Yul Brynner as a crazy Blue Na’vi in … Continued

Backyard Rollercoaster


That’s a nice starter rollercoaster.  But the dad is gonna get tired of pushing the kid up the track sooner rather then later.  So eventually he’s gonna add a a lift to it.  Then the kid is gonna get tired of the single drop and big circle of it.  So he’s gonna request some crazyness. … Continued

The end of the Summer


Olympic Games that is. Just 2 weeks ago the Games of the XXX Olympiad started.  They were underwhelming I think.  But I have to say that I watched more then I anticipated I would.  Below is a list of all the events that I actively choose to watch on my own time.  And also I streamed … Continued

Chattroulette Troll


You may remember Steve Kardynal, from previous posts, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted stuff about him.  Mostly because generic cialis cheap I make it a habit to not subscribe to YouTube channels, as it’s super easy to get caught up and waste an entire day watching them. Like I’ve almost have, except The Olympics have saved me. … Continued

Firebreathing 2,000 FPS


I might have to agree with them there, everything is better in slow motion.  You get a really nice view of the fire starting.  And in some of them you can see how dangerous the hobby can be, cause you can see the fire start to move backwards towards their mouth.  Pretty cool. {PetaPixel | … Continued

Little Boy


67 Years ago the United States of America showed the world how powerfull we truly are. The first of 2 nuclear bombs was dropped in anger on another country.  The US was attempting to finish what the Japanese had started 4 years earlier.  Except, we warned them weeks ago to surrender, they didn’t listen.