Summer Olympics


The Summer Olympics are on us, and not to sound like an overpaid useless TV anchor, I will let you know that the eyes of the world are on London. Anyway, back to sounding like an underpaid internet blogger. For those of you who forgot, just 2 years ago was the Winter Olympics over in … Continued

How to Quit, Like a BOSS


Take a second to read through that whole thing.  At first it seems random, but after the 3rd month, you can figure out that he’s trying to spell something.  The q is kinda off and hard to get. You can also tell that this person works in Europe, if, Germany to be specific, only there … Continued

LEGO skyscraper construction


Well, it started looking like a cityscape, but quickly turned into just a mess.  Actually, scratch that, it started as a mess. Total count was 65,000 LEGO bricks, and 12,775 photos taken over 71 hours by 2 cameras. I like the idea of sorting, and it looks like they are towers of different brick sizes, … Continued

ALL the Pokemon!!


Those voices don’t suck.  They are awesome.  Thank chris.

LEGO transmission


Here’s a nice demonstration of how a transmission works, with LEGOs!!! It’s pretty basic, but it get’s the concept across, and for that I post it. {reddit}

Stone Skipper


That right there is an internet controlled stone skipper. You know the skip stones across a pond and see how many times you can get them to jump.  And most people can get them to jump 2 or 3 times. Yea, now you can do it via the internet.  With a mechanical stone skipper, you … Continued

Distributed loads

0 Many things when through my mind when I watched that.  At first I was going to make a generic racist joke, but then I realized that given the time, I would do that too. Then I was going to try and combine that with my engineering knowledge, but I decided I didn’t want to. … Continued

Fireworks from the Sky


I’ve always wondered what fireworks look like from the air when they explode.  This is a good video of that. Some things I’d reccomend for a 2nd version: Do it at night Have some comparision shots from the ground Do it at night again I want to try it, but first need to move to … Continued