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Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are on us, and not to sound like an overpaid useless TV anchor, I will let you know that the eyes of the world are on London.

Anyway, back to sounding like an underpaid internet blogger.

For those of you who forgot, just 2 years ago was the Winter Olympics over in Vancouver.  For lack of a better term, I was obsessed with them.  That’s all I did that whole 2 weeks.  Night and day, day and night, every screen I owned was tuned into multiple telecasts of the Olympics.

In total I consumed around 200 GB of data by my own calculations.

Can I top that record this time around?

I’m gonna go with no.

For a variety of reasons.

A. It’s the summer games.  The summer games are boring.  Most of the summer sports are just not that interesting to watch, at least in my opinion.  Swimming, really?  Synchronized swimming? Track & Field?  Weight lifting??

B. I have a full time job now, and while I could just have streaming on my computer all day, that would be cheating, and what kind of Olympic spirit would I have if I cheated? (don’t answer that)

However, that won’t stop me from trying.  Gotta support our country and make sure those commie bastards don’t win anything.

Those who remember 2 years ago should also remember that I got totally engrossed in the sport of Curling, and, more specifically, the Russian Women’s Curling team, even more specifically, Liudmila Privivkova, and Anna Sidorova. Seriously.

Anyway, it looks like this time around the sports I will be obsessed with is Archery & Shooting (I am a male afterall).  Womens, & Men’s events.  Mostly because it’s something that I used to be able to do, and can convince myself that if I tried, I probably could get into it.

Anyway, that games have already begun, and I have my quest.  Lets go.

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How to Quit, Like a BOSS

I Quit!

Take a second to read through that whole thing.  At first it seems random, but after the 3rd month, you can figure out that he’s trying to spell something.  The q is kinda off and hard to get.

You can also tell that this person works in Europe, if, Germany to be specific, only there do they get 30 days off a year.

Although, from his comments, this is more of a reward for working so long, and not a usual thing.  Either way, still pretty boss I think.

DIY LEGO photo video

LEGO skyscraper construction

Well, it started looking like a cityscape, but quickly turned into just a mess.  Actually, scratch that, it started as a mess.

Total count was 65,000 LEGO bricks, and 12,775 photos taken over 71 hours by 2 cameras.

I like the idea of sorting, and it looks like they are towers of different brick sizes, but it just seems like soo much more work to turn them into towers like that, then put them into bins, color coded like that.


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ALL the Pokemon!!

Those voices don’t suck.  They are awesome.  Thank chris.

DIY LEGO video

LEGO transmission

Here’s a nice demonstration of how a transmission works, with LEGOs!!!

It’s pretty basic, but it get’s the concept across, and for that I post it. {reddit}


Stone Skipper

That right there is an internet controlled stone skipper.

You know the skip stones across a pond and see how many times you can get them to jump.  And most people can get them to jump 2 or 3 times.

Yea, now you can do it via the internet.  With a mechanical stone skipper, you can control a bunch of stuff too, and like all things on the internet, you can try and get a high score.

Unfortunately, Skippy, the stone skipping robot, sleeps at night, and is only in town till the end of the week.  So I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but maybe if I remember tomorrow I’ll take a shot at it (pun intended).

I think this is a real great mashup of DIY and social fun.  I wish they had a better making of video, I’d like to see how it was put together, and how it connects in realtime to the internet.  The web developer in me knows it has to use some HTML5 stuff, it just has to.

Feel free to try it yourself!

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Distributed loads

Many things when through my mind when I watched that.  At first I was going to make a generic racist joke, but then I realized that given the time, I would do that too.

Then I was going to try and combine that with my engineering knowledge, but I decided I didn’t want to.

Then I was going to make another semi racist joke about the announcer, but I decided not to.

So what I think I’m gonna do is say that we all knew how this was going to end, and it didn’t disappoint.


DIY the greatest video

Fireworks from the Sky

I’ve always wondered what fireworks look like from the air when they explode.  This is a good video of that.

Some things I’d reccomend for a 2nd version:

  • Do it at night
  • Have some comparision shots from the ground
  • Do it at night again

I want to try it, but first need to move to a place where I can launch them more times of the year, because on the 4th, you can get away with it.

Anyway, that’s the obligatory 4th of July Indepencence day, it’s great to be an American post.  Time to go blow stuff up.

{PetaPixel|Jeremiah Warren }