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Domino Tetris

This could perhaps be the longest game of Tetris for the least amount of points ever.  I counted 11 lines, including 1 Tetris, over a very long amount of time because he needs to move each square piece one at a time, and then reset it up when he accidentally knocks them over.  Time consuming.

Anyway, some of you might be woundering why I didn’t include this in the Starry (Domino) Night post from earlier this week, well, because this deserves it’s own special treatment.  So here I go.

This guy has patience.  Lots of it.  Now, those who know me know I also have an unnatural amount of patience, but I’m not quite sure I’d have enough of it to do something like that, let alone some of the other things they’ve made.  Seriously, 3-D dominoes, I’d probably never think to set them up that way.  But look at the amazing works of art you’re (they’re) able to make by going into that 3rd dimension.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

{Flippy Cat}

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