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Starry (Domino) Night

7,067 individual dominoes stacked in 3 Dimensions to create Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Flippy Cat (ace website name btwz), made this over who knows how many hours, (it was hard to read the clock, and the sheer fact that it moved around the screen leads me to not trust it anyway).  But watching some of the fails durring the credits leads me to believe it was a long, long time, and reading the description on YouTube claims it took 11 hours to build (the 2nd of 2 attempts).

This is perhaps the best (and probably only) analog representation of RAW vs. JPEG compression.  Allow me to elaborate:

The dominoes arranged in their 3-D precarious stacked arraignment represent the JPEG compression.

  • It takes time to set them up out of their natural state
  • It takes up less space (physically (since it’s 3-D and all))
  • There is noise, lots of it, it doesn’t look like it’s the full resolution it could be

The dominoes all knocked down represent RAW

  • This is the domino’s natural state
  • The space it takes up is all over the place
  • Look at that resolution though!  Its so much closer to the actual artwork

Note, this comparison will probably only ever effect this particular work of art because of the level (lack) of detail, but I stand by it.


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