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The Bourne Legacy

I love The Bourne Films, they are some of the most superbly acted, written, and directed films of the last decade.  They turned me into a Matt Damon fan, and because of that, I fucking love Matt Damon.

Now, more importantly, the Robert Ludlum books about Jason Bourne, Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum, (there’s like 6 others written by another author that for all intents and purposes, fucked up the franchise), those 3 books are amazing, and share nothing in common with the films of the same names.

I don’t mind that.  You see, I saw all the films before I read the books, and I didn’t know any better (and neither did the general movie going American public I assume), so you can imagine the surprise I was in for when I read the first book and was like, ok, this is almost what all 3 films were about.  Almost because the films took alot of leeway, and killed off alot of people.

Which is fine, they’re allowed to.  I consider them seperate entities in the same overarching story.

Now a 4th Bourne film is set to be released this summer.  (With the name Bourne Legacy (the name of the first non Ludlum Bourne novel)).  And like it’s predecessors, it is shaping up to be nothing like the novel of the same name.

Which is fine, as if you remember, Eric Van Lustbader fucked up the series.

From the trailer (above) it seems like it’s taking place before the first film, and parallel to Ultimatum (film).  I approve of this.  It keeps everything in the same universe, and doesn’t recast, or reboot the franchise ala The Amazing Spider Man.

I am nothing but excited about this film, and after The Dark Knight Rises, this will probably be the only must see film I have for the summer of 2012.

I will reserve judgement on weather or not they should make a 5th one (in the same type) until after I see this, but I hope they do.

I also hope that Matt Damon comes back, cause that would just be ace.


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