Venus Transit


Transit of Venus

Today marks the last time in all of our lifetimes that we will get a chance to see the Venus Transit.  Little known fact (or one everyone seems to overlook), this is the 2nd time Venus will pass inbetween the Earth & the Sun in the past decade.  The previous one in June of 2004.  Back before Facebook, before Twitter, before the internet was the internet, and was just a series of tubes.  Back when only the cool people knew, (or cared) about this once (or in my case twice) in a lifetime event.

I miss those times.

Anyway, that round dot there in that grainy photo is Venus.  I need to get a better scanner to fix up that photo.  Back in 2004 we got to see the full transit from here in NY.  This time around we’ll only be able to see the start of it, because the sun will set before it’s halfway through.  That’s unfun.

Current SunAlso if you take alook at the current photo of the sun (to left) there’s quite a bit of Sun Spot activity, which would also add to the dynamic of the event.  I like my photo though, the dark orange of the sun with the clouds passing by makes for a unique photo.

I took this early in the morning of June 8th 2004 through my 70mm Telescope.  The focal length on that, 700mm, brings us to an f/10.  I can’t remember the eyepiece I had in my adapter when I hooked up my 35mm SLR to the back of it.  Hopefully I wrote it on the back of that photo when I got it developed, so I just need to find it and mark it digitally.  Oh well.

If the weather gets better hopefully I’ll have some nicer photos this evening to show you all, but I’m not holding my breath.


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