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I Heard you like Kranes…

So we put a crane on your crane, so you could lift while you lift.

Chris was supposed to post this, but he sucks, so I’m posting it instead.

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Domino Tetris

This could perhaps be the longest game of Tetris for the least amount of points ever.  I counted 11 lines, including 1 Tetris, over a very long amount of time because he needs to move each square piece one at a time, and then reset it up when he accidentally knocks them over.  Time consuming.

Anyway, some of you might be woundering why I didn’t include this in the Starry (Domino) Night post from earlier this week, well, because this deserves it’s own special treatment.  So here I go.

This guy has patience.  Lots of it.  Now, those who know me know I also have an unnatural amount of patience, but I’m not quite sure I’d have enough of it to do something like that, let alone some of the other things they’ve made.  Seriously, 3-D dominoes, I’d probably never think to set them up that way.  But look at the amazing works of art you’re (they’re) able to make by going into that 3rd dimension.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

{Flippy Cat}

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Starry (Domino) Night

7,067 individual dominoes stacked in 3 Dimensions to create Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Flippy Cat (ace website name btwz), made this over who knows how many hours, (it was hard to read the clock, and the sheer fact that it moved around the screen leads me to not trust it anyway).  But watching some of the fails durring the credits leads me to believe it was a long, long time, and reading the description on YouTube claims it took 11 hours to build (the 2nd of 2 attempts).

This is perhaps the best (and probably only) analog representation of RAW vs. JPEG compression.  Allow me to elaborate:

The dominoes arranged in their 3-D precarious stacked arraignment represent the JPEG compression.

  • It takes time to set them up out of their natural state
  • It takes up less space (physically (since it’s 3-D and all))
  • There is noise, lots of it, it doesn’t look like it’s the full resolution it could be

The dominoes all knocked down represent RAW

  • This is the domino’s natural state
  • The space it takes up is all over the place
  • Look at that resolution though!  Its so much closer to the actual artwork

Note, this comparison will probably only ever effect this particular work of art because of the level (lack) of detail, but I stand by it.


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The Bourne Legacy

I love The Bourne Films, they are some of the most superbly acted, written, and directed films of the last decade.  They turned me into a Matt Damon fan, and because of that, I fucking love Matt Damon.

Now, more importantly, the Robert Ludlum books about Jason Bourne, Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum, (there’s like 6 others written by another author that for all intents and purposes, fucked up the franchise), those 3 books are amazing, and share nothing in common with the films of the same names.

I don’t mind that.  You see, I saw all the films before I read the books, and I didn’t know any better (and neither did the general movie going American public I assume), so you can imagine the surprise I was in for when I read the first book and was like, ok, this is almost what all 3 films were about.  Almost because the films took alot of leeway, and killed off alot of people.

Which is fine, they’re allowed to.  I consider them seperate entities in the same overarching story.

Now a 4th Bourne film is set to be released this summer.  (With the name Bourne Legacy (the name of the first non Ludlum Bourne novel)).  And like it’s predecessors, it is shaping up to be nothing like the novel of the same name.

Which is fine, as if you remember, Eric Van Lustbader fucked up the series.

From the trailer (above) it seems like it’s taking place before the first film, and parallel to Ultimatum (film).  I approve of this.  It keeps everything in the same universe, and doesn’t recast, or reboot the franchise ala The Amazing Spider Man.

I am nothing but excited about this film, and after The Dark Knight Rises, this will probably be the only must see film I have for the summer of 2012.

I will reserve judgement on weather or not they should make a 5th one (in the same type) until after I see this, but I hope they do.

I also hope that Matt Damon comes back, cause that would just be ace.


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Chopper Fan

Chopper Ceiling Fan

I don’t really care too much about ceiling fans, or (fans in general), but I do like Aviation, and while Helicopters are cool, there’s just far, far too much negativity about them for me, honestly, I am never be able to not think of some sort of conspiracy whenever I see/hear helicopters flying overhead.  There was an 8 month span where at least once a week one would fly over my house at various times of the day.  I distinctly remember one flying over low, and loud at around 1am one Sunday morning too.

Nothing good can come of them, nothing.

And for that reason I would probably be alittle hesitant with installing this in my bedroom.  I can just picture myself waking up in the middle of the night for some reason and seeing that, (with the blades spinning for obvious reasons), and freaking the fuck out.

Now, would I stick this in my kid’s bedroom, probably, a guest bedroom, hell yes, my kitchen, maybe.

I like it though, hopefully it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and more hopefully, it’s something more then a concept.

{Raffaele Iannello}

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A Great Loss

It’s with sad news that earlier this week the internet sensation Eduard Khil passed away.

In case you don’t remember him, here’s a video reminder:

You’re welcome.

{Huffington Post}

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D-Day, Today


68 years ago was a turning point in the global incident known as World War II.  Commonly known today as D-Day, but, it also goes as Normandy Landings, Operation Neptune, or Operation Overlord.  All are good.

D-Day was the just one of the many “ultimate elements” that happened in WWII.  It was the largest amphibious landing in history, and while not really the turning point of the war, for all intents and purposes, it was.

Stephen Speilberg immortalized the event in the opening of Saving Private Ryan, and for better or worse, that’s stuck with us.

Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the photo I posted above.  That is a composite shot (in case you couldn’t tell), of a historic WWII photograph, and one taken from the same spot today(ish, the dates are hard to read on this Russian site).  Servey Larenkov spent a year traveling around Europe taking photographs in those famous WWII places, and then painstakingly combining them with the historic WWII versions.

I think he did a good job.

D-Day beach


Hitler in Paris

He didn’t just take those three, there are dozens of them, many as you can imagine from Russia, and Moscow, but plenty from the occupation of Paris, and the general Western European campaign.

{PetaPixel|Paris Part 1|D-Day}

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Venus Transit

Transit of Venus

Today marks the last time in all of our lifetimes that we will get a chance to see the Venus Transit.  Little known fact (or one everyone seems to overlook), this is the 2nd time Venus will pass inbetween the Earth & the Sun in the past decade.  The previous one in June of 2004.  Back before Facebook, before Twitter, before the internet was the internet, and was just a series of tubes.  Back when only the cool people knew, (or cared) about this once (or in my case twice) in a lifetime event.

I miss those times.

Anyway, that round dot there in that grainy photo is Venus.  I need to get a better scanner to fix up that photo.  Back in 2004 we got to see the full transit from here in NY.  This time around we’ll only be able to see the start of it, because the sun will set before it’s halfway through.  That’s unfun.

Current SunAlso if you take alook at the current photo of the sun (to left) there’s quite a bit of Sun Spot activity, which would also add to the dynamic of the event.  I like my photo though, the dark orange of the sun with the clouds passing by makes for a unique photo.

I took this early in the morning of June 8th 2004 through my 70mm Telescope.  The focal length on that, 700mm, brings us to an f/10.  I can’t remember the eyepiece I had in my adapter when I hooked up my 35mm SLR to the back of it.  Hopefully I wrote it on the back of that photo when I got it developed, so I just need to find it and mark it digitally.  Oh well.

If the weather gets better hopefully I’ll have some nicer photos this evening to show you all, but I’m not holding my breath.