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DIY Meteorite Ring

Finished Meteorite ring

That right there is a ring made from a meteorite that reddit user laporkenstein made himself.  Yes, you read that correctly, a ring made from a meteorite, by himself.  Hand forged, and formed with some nickel and steel.

Hot ring

Look at that hot steel and meteorite right there, dangerously cool, that is.

Pollished Ring

Personally, I don’t really like this polished steel look, I like the grain of the top photo better, much better.

And, this is how it all started:

starting the process

He uploaded an album to Imgur, if it’s stats are to be believed, it’s currently up to over 5TB of bandwidth, damn.  Anyway, you should really take alook through that album, since it’s pretty well worth it because there’s alot of effort that went into it.

I never realized how much actual metal went into it.  It looks like there’s enough there for like 3 rings, (so either he made one and has extra, or I have no idea how much volume is needed for a piece of jewelry like this)  Most likely it’s a combination of both of those.

If you read through the comments on reddit you see he got his meteorite from an Australian site, rocks on fire.  Which, is a pretty classy website circa 1999.  Complete with open every link in a new window/tab functionality.  Sweet.

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