Coin Rings


At first glance this seems pretty cool doesn’t it.  A nice ring made of an old Quarter, or Half Dollar, or even Dollar.  But, after watching a demonstration video, and reading up on it.  It seems like a huge amount of time and effort for something that you can only see when you’re not wearing … Continued

Tetris: Film


Alright, I’m not so sure I think that looks awesome, but I haven’t seen Battleship, so I don’t know how much it sucks, and how much this could be better. Regardless, the most time consuming video game should not have a movie made out of it, ever. Now, besides that, I do agree with Tony … Continued

Jurassic Park Posters


That is the original theatrical poster for the film Jurassic Park.  It’s simple, classic really, perhaps one of the greatest film posters ever made.  There’s not much to it: Film Name – check Tagline – check Some way to ascertain what the film might be about – check Famous person in/director – check The Short … Continued

DIY Meteorite Ring


That right there is a ring made from a meteorite that reddit user laporkenstein made himself.  Yes, you read that correctly, a ring made from a meteorite, by himself.  Hand forged, and formed with some nickel and steel. Look at that hot steel and meteorite right there, dangerously cool, that is. Personally, I don’t really … Continued

Human Expansion


I mentioned before about the rapid spread, and decline of the Las Vegas area, well here are some more, (with cool side by side slider comparer), that show some other major areas of civilization. I find the natural color comparisions easier to see then the false color vegitation/building ones, but that’s just me. I also … Continued