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The Stumble Post of Tomorrow

Oil fire? Nope, that’s just sunset at that refinery, truly a beautiful scene.  {source}

Yes, it’s been quite some time since the last stumbles post, too long you might say, but fear not because there are some gems included in this post.  Including the above photo.  Which I have to say, that is a beautiful site, it’s the Grangemouth Refinery in Scotland, and it’s at sunset.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sure if we could get a thunderstorm in the background, that would be an equally impressive sight.

Anyway, enough with the approval of modern industrial prowess, let’s get onto the good shit, literally…


Chris hates this picture, I think it’s horribly disgustingly hilarious. {source}

movie reactions

Yea, for the films on that list that I’ve seen, I will have to agree, and I’ve seen most of them. {source}

how to watch Inception

This is really the only proper way to watch Inception.  Also, the iPhone screen sucks. {source}

coning is dumb

Apparently this is called Coning, and apparently it’s the new Planking.  More importantly, like it’s pretty stupid.  However, the face the drive through lady makes is so perfectly terrified that it’s awesome. {source}

english teachers

Yea, this is 111% accurate. {source}

Now we start the traditional WW2 section:

I might have posted that one before, or something along the lines of it, but whatever {source}

I think you could add the 30’s too, but whatever.  Do you see it? {source}

Wouldn’t be a stumble’s post without a video game reference either, this time there’s 2!


This is definitely a well made gif.  Here’s the original video, and here’s the imgur gif {imgur}

Granted it comes from the ends of the internet, but it’s just too perfect to be fake, which is why I think it’s awesome and true, and since (for reasons not connected to lack of trying) I can’t find the 4chan link, or archive, I will link to some random image sharing site I found it on {source}


Stare at this wedding photo until you see it:

Klassy with a K {source}

This picture is too long to say at the end, but read it, and you will know what Poetic Justice is {source}

Yea, that was sweet.

Until next time my friends.

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